Father's Day with TwoFeathers Trading-Giveaway

Hey I was wondering what you have planned for Father's day?  It is right around the corner.  Do you try and do the family big day cook out?  How about sports fans, watching the game with dad?  And what type of gifts do you pick out for him?  Tools, grilling sets, new shoes?  You know guys like the oddest things.

Well I have found the coolest gift for the guys.  And it is all hand made by the coolest guy ever.  Honest, just come on by and sit for a visit with him.  I have spent hours talking to him and not been bored once.  Well, let me get on with it.  TwoFeathers Trading is his site and Chris makes knives from horns of different animals such as deer, elk, oryx and antelope.  He also makes the blades which is pretty amazing to me.  Just look at him at work here.

He is grinding away at a piece of saw mill blade to make it turn out like this.

Yes he has done every bit of this.  There is the horn in the handle that has been cut and polished.  Then he has cut the blade and sharpened it to a fine blade.  Watch out for I know it will cut the hair on your arm!  I really think how he has the marking on the top of the blade is amazing.  Skylers Dad and Captain Dumbass...here is something finally for y'all!  Oh and of course Chris also makes the cases from leather for each knife.  Beautiful tooling done there.  

He makes all kinds of custom orders too.  Let's just gander at the talent here.

Hand made pipes from deer horn here with rainbow wood inlaid.

A beautiful ceremonial dance drum all hand made and hand painted.

I am amazed by this double dream catcher with a carved wooden feather with the story of the two wolves.  You know the one you feed it the one that lives so make sure you feed the good in your life.

He even makes lil ceiling fan pulls from the points of horns.  Recently he added some to mine here at home and had them engraved with the initial of our last name.  I think they are the coolest thing ever spinning away above my head.

Here is a handmade arrow in a display case that includes the story of what the arrow meant to the native Americans.  This is beautiful when hanging up on a den wall.

Here he painted the medicine wheel turtle on a mounted hip bone.  It is bright and colorful work while still displaying history.  The Medicine Wheel represents harmony and connections and is considered a major symbol of peaceful interaction among all living beings on Earth.

But TwoFeathers Trading is best known for his knives.  I want to show off a few here and then tell you how you can win one for a special Father's Day gift.  First I want to let you know I did not get paid for this, receive any type of product for this or have any kind of arm twisting to tell you about Chris's work.  Instead I love it and begged him to let me share with you and to sponsor a giveaway special on Crazed Mind.

Now on with the knives.

Featuring rainbow wood and cholla cactus for the handle.

This handle is deer antler and spectra wood.  I love the bear paws on the leather case too.

Inlaid turquoise is featured with deer and antelope antler.  The polish of this handle is beautifully well done.

And here is an interesting handle made from minx jawbone wrapped in elk leather.  

Now for the goodies.  Here is the knife that TwoFeathers Trading is offering for the Crazed Mind Father's Day Giveaway on the Rafflecopter below.

This is from deer antler on the handle with the blade being 3 1/4" long and a handmade leather sheath embossed with stars and featuring spur on the center.  This can be looped onto a belt so dad can show it off and the blade is short enough to be legal to carry with him.

Hope y'all liked looking at Chris work.  Now see if your man is the lucky one to win!

I wanted to share this message from our winner Dawn Donovan Seeman Hi, I was hoping you could pass along this message to TwoFeathers Trading? I received my knife, it is so beautiful! The craftsmanship is fantastic. Your review of his work was spot on. I have never given my Father a gift that I am more proud of then the knife, he is going to be so happy. Thank you very much! ~Dawn

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  1. Still amazed at how much I miss my own dad. I wish I had him here to share this gift with.

  2. I like the Medium hunting knife $40

  3. Beautiful stuff he makes!

  4. I always like to give something special or meaningful to my dad.

  5. Dawn Seeman5/23/13, 4:06 PM

    I always try to find something that my Dad needs, I actually had my Husband in mind for this, he woule LOVE this knife. Love his work.

    1. Now you know what to order for your husband for Christmas!

  6. I think any gift from the heart is special! This knife is amazing and would be a wonderful gift!

  7. I always found out what my Dad needed or wanted, things he wouldn't get hisself.

  8. I am not sure on this one. I am always trying always getting my Dad gift cards for him to go out to eat breakfast because he is constantly doing that. At least I know that it is something that he will use and not put it aside and go to waste.

    1. Tammy, I will say that our winner was blown away with the quality of this work. Look at maybe having one made for JR for Christmas?


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