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Us moms know that when our little ones are ill we need to tuck them in bed, kiss their foreheads and get them a cup of chicken soup.  Well we need a lil Chicken Soup for the Soul for ourselves too.  As a matter of fact we can sit at the foot of the bed as the babes rest and read Parenthood.  This CSftS tells 101 stories that are filled with joy, humor and those awe moments.

I am ever so lucky to be a Soup-er Blogger for Chicken Soup.  That means I get to choose which books I would like to review.  Then they will send them to me as they are published and I get to share them with you.  I want to share one particular story with you.  It so touched me.  It is titled Listen and Learn by Jeneil Palmer Russell.  She starts out talking about the dreaded pantyhose issue.   First to wear or not to wear.  Then it is the struggle to get them all the way up and not tear a hole in them.  Of course they wiggle their way down.  I think pantyhose were the original 'sagging'.  Then she goes on to the gala they are attending.  As mom's do, she meets up and they start talking about their children.    Her child is autistic but she decides to keep that information to herself that night.  She hears the other mother talk about her highs and lows.  It reminds her that human suffering is not a competitive sport.  She also takes to heart that all mothers treasure their children as the gifts and miracles they are.

I loved reading this story.  To be reminded that we need to listen to each other. Often we forget our friends and acquaintances need to have a chance to get issues off their chest so they can move on.  Just like we do at times.

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