Coffee Time with GEVALIA

Yippeee!  Today was my Gevalia House Party.
You know how I love my coffee. 
And now I do not have to order it in the mail at all.

Nope, I can pop on down to the store and buy Gevalia right off the shelf.
Very nice, very convenient and very good!

To kick of the new campagin we were able to have friends over for a lil coffee klatch.  As you see we had plenty of coffee made up.  In the background you can see my antique coffee grinder that Dear Hubby gave me for Mother's Day (the blue and white on the wall).  There was also coupons for discounts both in the store and online.  You can even get Gevalia for you K-cup maker!  See the great looking travel mug there too?  Yeah everyone had one to keep along with the ever famous coffee spoon from Gevalia.

Here Big Bro was visiting with one of our friends.  This is Mrs. Mc.  She is a hoot and a holler for she keeps you on your toes.  And can you believe she is 90 years old.  Honestly I love the way she looks and gosh she has not slowed down at all.  Just ask her 42 group!

You can see that I do look like my mom.  Yeppers a rare photo of Granny M and myself.  We had been chatting away as my BFF took this pic from across the table.  Those are the Banana Muffins I over cooked!  Yeah, I was a tuckered out girl that morning.

Now this is a better close up of the goodies!  Coffee, coupons, travel mug and the ever present silver spoon.

This is most of the group.  My BFF is taking the photo.  And JD was running late and just missed the photo op!  As you see even Princess Emma made sure to be there for her own cup of coffee!

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