Scrubbing those Floors No More

I am loving this warmer weather.  It is making me want to make everything so picture perfect.  Alas my house is old old and not going to look great.  But I can spring clean.  Here is hints from Bissell on spring cleaning your floors.  Just thought it was nice to have something all spelled out for me to refer too.

BISSELL’s Step-By-Step Guide to Spring Cleaning Floors

·        The Spring Clean
1.      Move as much furniture out of the way as possible. If furniture is too heavy to be moved, invest in furniture glides to make moving them easier.
2.      Vacuum the entire room thoroughly. For heavier traffic areas, go over the area 5 – 7 times. For light traffic areas and spots usually under furniture, go over the area 3 – 4 times.
3.      If there are deep set-in stains, use a pre-treat cleaner to help penetrate the carpet and loosen the stain.
4.      Next, use a deep cleaner to remove ground-in dirt and stains. Move the deep cleaner in forward and backward passes slowly over each area. It is best to wait about 4 to 6 hours for the carpet to dry. Use a fan to increase air circulation and speed drying. BISSELL recommends deep cleaning at least twice a year to help prolong the look of carpets. Deep cleaners can also be used to clean rugs and upholstery.
5.      Once the carpet has fully dried, run the vacuum once more throughout the room to finish cleaning.

·        The In-Between
1.      Between deep cleans, vacuum the entire area of the carpet at least once per week. For high traffic areas, it is best to vacuum twice weekly.
2.      To amplify the effects of vacuuming, use Febreze™ Carpet Deodorizing Powders on your carpets. Before vacuuming, just sprinkle the powder over the area to be treated. Wait a few minutes and then vacuum the area thoroughly. The powder helps to clean 3x better than vacuuming alone because it clings to the dirt and hair in the carpet, allowing for easier pickup. It also leaves a light scent to keep the home smelling fresh.

Flooring (Hardwood, Linoleum, Vinyl or Tile)
·        The Spring Clean
1.      Depending on what room is being cleaned, move large appliances, furniture and rugs out of the way. To avoid scratching surfaces, use furniture glides when moving heavier furniture out of the way.
2.      For the best results, sweep and then vacuum the entire room.
3.      Finally, use a steam cleaner to clean and sanitize the floor. Not only do steam cleaners remove dirt and residue, they also eliminate germs and bacteria due to the high temperature of the steam. The floor will be dry within seconds. Fast and simple!

·        The In-Between
1.      To prevent tracking dirt and water across the floor, be sure to place doormats at all entrances. This will not only keep floors cleaner but will also reduce the risk of abrasive materials collecting on the floor and scratching the surface.
2.      Clean your hard floors at least once a week using one or a combination of the following: a sweeper, a dust/dry mop, a hard floor cleaner or a wood floor cleaner. This will help floors keep their shine longer. 

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  1. I have plenty of floors here that need a deep cleaning. So after you all done yours and got it all down you can hop on the first plane this way and do mine.


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