JD's Birtday

Perfect day for a perfect daughter!  At least she is perfect to me.  We all tried to make it a one of a kind day for her.  So let's show you what she had.

A one of a kind art work from K0I Designs.  This is an original piece that has a poem that JD wrote, a rainbow of rain, a sunflower (her favorite flower) sheltering a butterfly (this is her symbol).  JD loved this and can't wait to have it framed on her wall.

JD also has a left handed pipe made from deer antler that was handmade by TwoFeathers Trading.  He does all of his work from his workshop here in Texas. Using animal bones and antlers.  Handmade knives is his speciality!  Isn't this beautiful.  Also he made the leather pouch that carries the pipe and tobacco.

She also got a set of D20 fuzzy dice for her 27 year old Mustang she drives!  Now you know she is a geek to the max.

This was all topped off by her Pigs swimming in the ol Mud Hole cake made by The Other Mother.  Not only was it so chocolate-ly goodness it was also a rainbow inside!

I also gave her a book on writing, Rules of Thumb, that
she loved.  Of course!  Writing and from her mommy makes it double trouble good.  Oh and a Grreat Choice™ Ceramic Embossed Dog Bowl so her kittens will quit tipping over their feeder and making her clean up the mess every day.  Pretty good haul for one day.

She loved it.  Wait...her gift to herself?  Yeappers, she had one.  The Les Miserables DVD set.  She even shared her DVD copy with US!  What a sweet heart!

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  1. Glad to hear she had an awesome birthday! So happy to be a part of it even from this far away!


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