Blessed Throughout Life

I was blessed with the birth on my daughter 26 years ago this month.  Then I have been blessed over and over again from my step children from my Dear Hubby.  The blessings continue with my dear boys that I helped raise with their mom and my dear friend into a point we felt like we were each moms to each of our kiddos.  So being a mom has been a gift that has been given to me over and over again.

Currently I am saying up prayers for the blessings of my Daughter in Law, Niece and two different Nephew's wives who are all carrying new lives into this world.  It seems that babies are being brought into the world all around me.  But it makes me think of the many women who have tried time and time again who have not been able to bring in the children they desire into this world.  Some decide to adopt, others try to do medical help but it does not always work, some use segregates to help.  But there are many who live their lives out looking for the blessing of babies to never have them in their arms.

For those I recommend  Lesli A. Westfall's book "Dancing Upon Barren Land" for hope to bring them to the next step in life.  From her Pearland Texas office, inspiration and information has been given with the help of their website.  There is now a book to help for who need ministry through prayer, scripture and reflections of hope.  I have read through this book and even without having the pain, I have gained strength to maybe help others.  My own JD is looking at a life where she may never have children of her own.  I hope that if that decision continues throughout her life she will know that there is support for her.  She will not be alone, forsaken and never without those who love and need her.

Thanks ever so to Lesli and the Litfuse Chicks for sharing with me.  I am willing to share this book with one reader if you need the support it has within.  If you are looking to have a way of coping please leave me a comment with your email and I will contact the first person to see about mailing this book to them as a gift.

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  1. Hello, the book looks interesting. How are you and hubby doing? Hope everything is going well and he's feeling terrific.


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