Short, Quick, Lacking

House sitting seems to be my thing.  Just fits me.  I have no problem packing up and moving into someones home for a week at a time.  As a matter of fact I am at a new one this week.  They have 5 lovely dogs that just need a lil tending to and lots of petting.  But it leaves me plenty of time to actually rest and relax.

You know if I was at home I would be rearranging rooms, scrubbing floors and finding more chores than I can accomplish in a day.  But here I kick up my feet, read, rest and indulge in long soaking baths.  What a life!  This time while I was soaking I picked up a quick read.  Goodbye to Yesterday which is the first part of a 6 part series of books of the Lancaster County Saga by Wanda E. Brunstetter.  Now when I said quick I meant it.  114 pages to finish off...but that does not mean it is over.  Nope there are 5 more books to come. I loved having a small book for once.  I recently read a 3 novel book that I thought was going to break my hands.  It was so heavy.

What I loved was the simple settings, learning that no matter your lifestyle you have conflicts to overcome and that love helps us all heal.  What I did not like is that the book stopped.  Just stopped.  Middle of a conflict.  Turn the page and nothing.  Okay I know this is a series but talk about leaving a reader hanging.  Wow!  That was not good!  Hopefully I will be able to follow through and get the other 5 books.

This is a review in exchange of Goodbye to Yesterday for Handlebar.

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