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I love things that make me think about my childhood or JD's.  Of course you know I am a reader.  This was a beloved habit fostered by my father and Grandmother.  (Yes it is a capital G when referring to her!)  I remember when I had my first subscription to Highlights arrive.  Oh to have my very own copy.  Not the one you could look at while you sat at the doctors office.  One I could use ink in when I did the puzzles.  Goofus and Gallant helped me learn manners.  The eye spy games created my ability to remember just where things are located at.  And the poems from other kiddos taught me that it was a great way to put emotions into words.

By the time JD came along I did not see Highlights around in the doctors offices.  Or it could be the cost of the subscription.  I looked it up today and was shocked to see it was $34.44 for a year!  That spurred me to look up Jack and Jill magazine.  This was JD's favorite growing up.  Wow what a difference.  Only $12.98 a year.  Have you seen the series from U.S. Kids?  They have Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty and Turtle.  Each one geared for a different age range.  Also they are all ad free.  Yeah no one selling to your kiddo while they are learning and reading.
Turtle Magazine
Ages 3-5
Read To Me
  • "Read to me" stories & rhymes
  • "See and do" puzzles & games
  • Skill-based activities, crafts, and recipes
  • Family-focused, relationship-building emphasis
Humpty Dumpty Magazine
Ages 5-7
Early Reader
  • "I can read" stories & cartoons
  • Fun games, jokes, and puzzles
  • Activities, crafts, and recipes
  • Positive learning, social and health messages

Jack and Jill Magazine
Ages 7-12
Young Reader
  • "I love to read" stories and articles
  • Challenging puzzles and games
  • Projects, crafts, and contests
  • Problem-solving, independent thinking exercises
I think these are great ways to get the kiddos reading. And with my Grandbabes we already know they love to read and be read too.  I know that I can get one of each subscription to cover the three we now have.  But there is two more on their way.  One by marriage (Hello our lil Princess Kira) and one by birth.  Yeah Princess Kira would be working her way to Turtle magazine as well as Landon.  TK I know would gobble up Jack and Jill.  So much better than Teen Beat at age 8 and 1/2!  Princess Emma is ready for Humpty Dumpty too!  I think I have just found this years presents.  Now do I do them for Valentines? Easter? or Birthdays?

Thanks ever so much for U.S. Kids for sending me a sample of each magazine.  It has been awhile since I have read them.  This was perfect for me to remember just how on the spot they are for children.  Clean, wholesome reading!

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