One of a Kind Art

I have a dear friend that moved far far away.  That makes me sad!  But she shows me all of her beautiful art work online.  We even have bought some pieces for JD when she graduated from college as lifetime gifts.  I am thinking of doing the same for my other daughter for her wedding present next year.

What I love about K0I Designs is that each piece is a one of a kind.  this one to the right is so perfect for Dear Hubby!   Taking part photography, part specialized art work and a lot of talent to make a unique piece that no one else creates.  Also have you seen those prices!  Wow talk about reasonable.  That is something else that you do not get these days.  Pop over to her facebook page to see some of the many different looks.  You can also email Jayde to talk over what you would want to have created.

I did not get any artwork or promises for this post.  I just love her creations and wanted you to see some of them for yourself!

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