Trucks Fly?

You know I love it when something new arrives here in the mail. I do not know what we would do without UPS and Fed Ex here. Such a small town that it is hard to shop here.  But what is worse is that when a new package arrives it is attacked by all around.  Recently I had The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: WhenTrucks Fly  on DVD show up.  My niece was here at the time and was snatching it from me.  She has an adorable lil man that I knew would love seeing this one too.  But was surprised to find out that here lil princess was right there beside him the whole time.  Well I let her have the DVD in return she had to tell me how it went over with the kiddos.  Here is her repsonse:

I would highly recommend The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: WhenTrucks Fly  on DVD for all ages, if you like cartoons about big trucks. My children (ages 4 and 5) sat and watched all 10 episodes and did not get out of their chairs. Which is not very often done. My son's favorite episode was the first episode, When Trucks Fly,  The idea of trying to fly, he loved it. I do believe that any child will love this cartoon it had great music and great for friends helping each other when they need them!---From DD niece of Crazed Mind.  

Seems like that is pretty high praise.  Getting little ones to settle in for a moment is always appreciated.  Pop in this DVD while getting dinner on the table could be that lil helper you just need for a few moments.  I love that there are 10 episodes so you can regulate the time they watch.  Just a lil while for them to slow down and take a break with a show that does not have the issues that are often found on daytime television.  Thanks also to Shout Factory for sharing with me.  I feel so lucky to get to be a reviewer for them.

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