Stay Out of the Dr.s Office

Have you had to be at the Doctors office lately?  Oh my goodness!  Honestly here it is wall to wall with people who are fighting off the flu.  What is worse is that so many and developing into pneumonia so fast.  It makes me scared to go in right now for any thing if I can take care of it at home.  Last thing I need or Dear Hubby with all of his medical issues is to add the flu on top of it.  

Cold-EEZE - Mint Frost.pngWell add that on to the dry weather we have had in Texas and you will see that we are all fighting off a sniffle or two.  Our noses start to run and our eyes water then before you know it is full blown into a cold.  Don't you hate that.  Poppa (JD's dad) swears by  Cold-EEZE, an over-the-counter zinc-based cold remedy. You can look it up at  He says that if you take them as soon as you have the signs of a cold it will help you stop from getting worse.  I know that I have bought this for him for many years and he seems to not get ill enough to miss time from work.  Strong man yes but more so I feel he is a smart man.
Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy is an all-natural cold remedy that when taken at the first sign, or anytime, is clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold. The effective proprietary formula, Zinc Gluconate, reduces the duration of the common cold and severity of cold symptoms including cough, sore throat, hoarseness, nasal congestion and/or post nasal drip. Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy comes in a number of forms including Lozenges, Oral Spray, and the NEW Daytime/Nighttime QuickMelts. Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy can be found at major retailers and online at I received product to help me with this review.

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