Finding Our Way

Dear Hubby and I started a promise we made for the new year.  That was to read from a Bible based study guide each evening.  We had one here and started right off with it.  Feeling good about having a goal that we were meeting was wonderful.  Feeling bad about hating the study guide we had was horrid.

Yeah, it seemed we argued more with it each evening than learned from it.  Not that it was not right but not right for us.  We felt it was too seclusive in its scope.  So now we are wondering how do we find the right guide for us.  I am Baptist and he is Catholic.  Yet we seem to agree on the majority of our beliefs.  More than anything it seems we need to find 'our' faith.  What works for us.  If you have any ideas of a good study guide let me know.

In the meantime we feel that we are going to read from Chicken Soup for the Soul: Finding My Faith.  Not that this will be a study guide but we do feel it will help us focus on where we both agree.  In that spot maybe we can find a way to increase our beliefs together.  I do love that each area focuses on how we all seek out our faith.  Be it through family or friends, church or nature.  Sometimes from loss or miracles.  Often through service and the word.  I know that our beliefs are strong.  Here is to sharing that strength with others stories while we seek out the right way for us to learn together.

I want to thank Chicken Soup for the Soul for sharing this book with me.  I am always excited when one of their books arrive.  It seems to be a test to see who can get the book first.  Yes, I have a standing line for them.

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