Lil Less Work

Cleaning is something I actually love to do.  It gives me such a sense of accomplishment to have my house looking and smelling so beautiful.  Also with my old house the dust blows in daily.  We pulled up all of the carpet this last few years.  Then we also pulled up most of the tile.  Now we still need to figure out what we are going to do to the floors to finish them off.

In the mean time I sweep and mop every day.  But that is even going to be much easier on me.  I have the Swiffer® SweeperVac to use now.  This is a cordless rechargable vacuum so I will not be dragging a cord around or looking for a place to plug it in either.  With the Swiffer® Dry Cloth I can trap all of the dirt and pet hair while the vacuum picks up the lager items.  I imagine that I can go over the room with the sweepervac once then again with the wetjet.

It seems that my life is getting easier and easier.  What a blessing.  My RA seems to be getting worse so to have anything that makes my chores easier is so wonderful.  I wish to thank MSL Group and Swiffer® for sending me the Sweepervac to use.  There is even a money back guarantee.  You can also get the Swiffer® Dry Clothes in Unscented, Febreze® Citrus & Light™ Scent, and Febreze® Lavender & Vanilla Comfort™ Scent.

Some of the newest items from Swiffer® are the Swiffer® WetJet Extra Power Pad with the Scrubbing Power of Mr. CLEAN® MAGIC ERASER®  allow you to achieve a better clean in half the time so you can spend time enjoying the party instead. Meanwhile, believe it or not, you can spruce up your look this season with the new MR. CLEAN® MAGIC ERASER® select-a-size, which can be used lightly on purses or shoes to remove scuff marks! This surprising fashion quick-fix is handy to remove built-up grime, giving your favorite pieces new life for holiday celebrations, saving you money well into the new year. 


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