A lil Chicken Soup

Top of the morning to ya, everyone.  Yeah, I am up and running already.  Dear Hubby is just starting his day too.  Gosh the coffee pot has not even been started yet but I feel so full of energy.  Laundry is going, dishes cleaned and put up from last night and trash is out.  Now to make the bed and work on the dog yard.  But it leaves a big part of the day free.

A shot of a pumpkin, focused on its stem.

Now don't really believe it will be free.  Granny M plans on us making two more batches of pumpkin butter.  Then we will start on the marmalade tomorrow.  On the pumpkin butter it is a whole hour of just stirring.  Oh our aching arms.  It also means I have to get two more pumpkins roasted and blended down this morning.  But that is all achievable.

Today I also have to go and register our car so it will be legal once again.  I have not been away from the house since Dear Hubby came home on Saturday.  So one lil trip to care for a bill will be nice.  Tomorrow he will be going for his follow up appointment.  When he does I will be sharing several of my newest Chicken Soup for the Soul books with the staff there.  I love that Chicken Soup for the Soul has a whole new line of collections directed at out health.  The newest one is Think Positive for Great Health.  Well that I have always understood.  We need to keep a good outlook on our daily life.  Being happy is often a choice.  Just this last week when Dear Hubby was in the hospital, I was making sure that even bed bound the blinds where open so the sunshine would pour into his room.  Also I had cards there for us to play.  And some books to read of course.  It is not that I did not want him to rest, no.  It was because I knew he needed to keep a positive trail of thought on healing.  Sunshine helps us create those feel good endorphins in our brain.  Activities like card games can also keep your spirits up.

I am very much a glass half full person while Dear Hubby is more of the glass half empty.  He always fusses about his 'luck' when something does not go right. Myself, I try and see what went right in that situation.  In all of this, it is not surprising that he ill more often than I ever am.  In this newest Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive for Great Health, it helps  you see that your mind and body work hand in hand.  Each chapter has a few stories in the Chicken Soup fashion.  Then it goes on to break down how you can look at each area, work on what needs to be changed and follow through for positive results.  For example I fight anxiety all the time.  So in Chapter 8, I read the 3 stories of others who do the same.  Then after a short introduction there are notes on analyzing anxiety and to make sure you do not just avoid it all together.  Instead to change catastrophic thinking and redesign what you need to keep comfortable.  Most of all I like that it tells you to say what you mean.  Don't dance around an issue.  Great advice all the way around.

I want to thank Chicken Soup for the Soul for continued support.  They are so kind to share with me all of their new publications.  Am I a fan, you bet you.  Why?  Well we all know a lil Chicken Soup for the Soul can always help get your day back on track.


  1. I thought that I used to like the Chicken Soup books but because of you.....I now love them!!

    I do not understand how some can stay in a hospital and never open those darn blinds. I had mine open from the time I woke up till I was going to bed. Well, except when I had to fight the sun to see and while they were broke, we, okay well I grabbed the newspapers and the extra tape laying there from my many blood draws and taped the newspaper up on the window so I could get the beaming sunlight out of my eyes. lol

    I hope your man is recovering quickly. I know how men are when they are sick and I know how we are when our men are sick.lol

    1. Tammy,

      Thanks so for reaching me sister. I have felt a lil alone here lately. But today there you are. On my blog, on klout, on twitter....it helped. It counts when we touch even through keyboards and screens.


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