Missing the Hubbs

Dear Hubby is still sick.  ICK!  He is getting better but in the mean time life around here is getting pretty dull.  I mean, it is nice he is home with me.  But that is where it stops at.  If you understand he is not in any shape to even cuddle with me lil on light the fire at all!  Add in that his big 5 0 is coming up with a party planned and all.  I bet that having guest come and go is about all he is going to be able to muster for some time to come.  I know I am just complaining, right?

Hey a lady has her dreams and desires.  Just because we married did not stop that, thank goodness!  And as we age it does not dry up and blow away.  What is it they say, as women age they become like a fine wine.  Better enjoyed slowly by candlelight.  So while I am going through this self imposed dry spell, well guess that really is sick imposed, I am going to live vicariously with my TruLove Stories Collection books.

Do you remember me telling you about TruLove before?   Yeah, a weekend away from home but all alone.  Gosh that really sucks.  So I tucked into my old high school indulgence of reading True Love stories like the old magazines had.  Well it seems that you can now find all the original novels collected every since the 1920's.  Yeah, 100 years of stories from the most romantic to those steamy ones that had us fanning our faces dreaming of the life to come when we grew up.  Sure I am a sap for loving those dreams but come on don't we all down deep inside?

So while Dear Hubby is coughing his lil head off in his sick bed, I have a bubble bath going on with my soft music, scented candles and fantasy lover all in between the pages of Forbidden Love and Losing it for Love.  Makes me remember those teen angst feelings of wondering what was to come.  But it also brings up the memories of special times with that one who made me skip a heart beat every now and then.  Don't you have something that is totally indulgent?  Well dark chocolate, chilled wine and a stories of illicit love affairs are mine.

Oh and if you do not want to worry about the book on your bedside table then order them online to download to your e-reader.  Heck these days you can have an e-book on your cell phone, notebook or just about any other hand held electronic device.  You may want to pop over just to check out top love songs from the 1920's til now.  Mine is still Somewhere Over the Rainbow” / “What a Wonderful World” medley by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole in 1993.   JD will love reading their page about Lucy and Desi ongoing love through out their lives.  My favorite hideaway there is for the romantic recipes.  You know I believe food and romance go hand in hand.  Thanks so for TruLove for sharing with me once again.  I promise it has been a tension reliever.

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  1. Sorry to hear that he is still sick but I am glad I popped over because these books sound like they would be a good read.


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