Week of Pure Relaxation

This has been a wonderful week.  I have been housesitting for my friends at the lake once again.  I celebrated my birthday with family and friends here with a pot luck dinner.  Can you believe it was not all desserts?  Oh and I have had Nessa and Ashley here visiting with me.  It has been a all girls week!

Cooking, hot tub, videos and even steamy reading for me!  So what do you want me to share with you?  Well let's start off with some really great food that was easy to prepare.  Best of Bridge Slow Cooker Cookbook was a great help.  It was very different than what we Southern women are use to in a crock pot cookbook.  This is from Canada and from what we see in this book there is not as easy access to fresh food.  So it has more canned and frozen food used.  But there are some good recipes.

Nessa love the Sunrise-Sunset Apple Bacon Strata.  Of course it has bacon so you know we are all there for that!  I am partial to the Sweet Potato Cannelloni but I have always been a fan of the yam.  It is great that there are tips for using a slow cooker.  Many people have not been introduced to them.  JD tried to make beans the other day while she was at work.  When she opened the door to the apartment building she could already smell the burnt beans.  Yes high is not a good place to cook them ALL day.

We curled up and watched the Hallmark Channel orginial film, You've Got a Friend.  Who does not love a good Hallmark show?  It was nice to see John Schneider once again.  And Ashely noticed Dylan McLaughlin right off.   In the movie a recently-orphaned boy moves to a new town to live with his aunt and uncle. He finds an unlikely mentor in the town loner, who helps him build the soap box racer he dreamed of crafting with his dad.  You can already see it is one that has all the ear marks of a heart twister.  Let me say, it does not let you down at all. 

And after an evening of wine and soaking in the hot tub I have had to curl up in bed all alone.  Dear Hubby has been taking care of the home fires (and pets) for me.  But I do not have to be lonely.  Not at all.  Instead I have been loving Sleeping with Dogs and Other Lovers by Julia Dumont.  Now let me start off that this is my old teen years coming to life once again.  I was totally addicted to True Love magazines.  Now I have my grown up and enjoyable version in a Second Acts novel.

Now this is just as fun as the stories I use to read.  But with much more wit and wisdom.  It is also fun that this is the first book in a series.  Si I can meet back up with my friends once again.  If your a romantic by nature then you are sure to look up TruLOVEstories.  They have books for the 1920's on up.  You can find steamy, romantic, comedy and everything in between there.  They are also sharing soundtracks to different decades, puzzles and videos too.  I am going to be right there with Angry GRRRLfriends when it launches next month for online games.  And do not pass up any of the contest too.   I am trying to win the NOOK!

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