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Well I am sure your gearing up for the holidays.  Of course there is Thanksgiving just around the corner.  We are also celebrating Dear Hubby's 50th birthday soon.  Yeah that is a pretty big milestone.  And then there is the big day, Christmas.  The Grandbabes will be biting on the bit soon to get to the goodies then.  Right after that is Granny M's 79th birthday.  Yeah, November and December are pretty busy times for us.  We are working on holiday jams already.  I am also gearing up for all of the holiday baking too.  But most of all I am hoarding away all the gifts for my family.

Right now I have two really special gifts for the Grandbabes from I See Me.  They are personalized just for them.  You see my oldest has always loved puzzles.  Thus I ordered her a puzzle that has her name on it as well as beautiful artwork of animals.  Of course the picture is a sample as I have not put her puzzle together.   The pieces on top are really large for a floor puzzle.  Then the bottom ones are small and all the same pattern.  So it will be interesting for her to look and piece out her name.  

This summer I noticed that our middle grandbabe has really been working on coloring in the lines and very neatly.  He has shown so much pride in doing this.  That is why I ordered him his very own name coloring book.  His is the one with the owl.  Inside he will find each letter of his name per page as he spells it out with matching pictures to color. I know that Princess Emma would enjoy one just as much since she loves to draw and color too.

I was looking at the personalized placemats for our youngest Grandbabe.  He is up and running now.  I am not too sure on how well he is being kept at the table during meal times either.  You know how they get at this stage.  But a placemat no only keeps the table cleaned up it can help entertain your young one when their attention wonders.  We use to keep one under JD's high chair that attached to our dining table when she was just a wee one.  Add in that it is personalized and you can have learning time.  Pointing out the letters of their name and spelling it out for them.  Also the bright colors and shapes could be identified.  Seems like a winning gift to me.

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Make sure you pop over and check out I See Me.  They have personalized books for Christmas and Hanukkah.  I bet you can find the just right gift that would be for your lil one and them only.  Also know that when 2 or more placemats or coloring books are ordered...there is always a discount!!  You can also find I See Me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  It was lovely of I See Me to provide me with both the puzzle and coloring book in exchange for letting you know about them.  I could not have asked for better gifts to give to my oldest grandbabes.  

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