Trip Planning

Well today I am packing for a road trip.  Dear Hubby happens to be the local AmVets Commander here.  This weekend they are having a convention in Tyler Texas (yes home to the most beautiful roses ever) and we are going.  So getting our clothes ready and packing up the car.

Now I have my list of what I need to take as far as outfits and all.  But I am also planning for tonight's road trip there and the one back on Sunday.  Also for my own reading pleasure while he is in meetings and I am lazing around by the pool.  Oh yeah, it is that warm in Texas still.  I have Scent of Cherry Blossoms (sounds like a lovely perfume) written by Cindy Woodsmall to read.  It is one of the new books that is so popular with Amish story lines.  I love this one though as it reminds me a lil of the star crossed lovers tale.  Our main lady, Annie, is Mennonite but meets an Amish gentleman, Aden.  Now from the outside looking in we would not think that it would be that big of deal.  But when your looking from the inside it can send your heart trembling.  Then it looks like every lil difference is enough to tear apart what is just starting.

Now for the car ride I will not be able to read.  And if you have ever traveled across Texas then you know that radio stations come and go rapidly.  Instead I have books on CD to listen too.  I think that Dear Hubby will love listening to Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino.  This is crime fiction and he is a fan there.  Since we can not watch our Criminal Minds and such we can listen to David Pittu as he reads this suspense filled novel to us.  Taking place in Tokyo we will listen as the crime is worked out in great detail.  Dear Hubby always jokes that one day I may poison him with my almond cookies but here we have just that, a husband poisoned but the main suspect, his soon to be ex wife, is hundreds of miles away when it happens.

For the trip back home I figure that Dear Hubby will be wanting something a lil lighter.  Those meetings all weekend will have him frazzled.  The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days by Ian Frazier should be just right.  What?  You think this book is about you?  Well so did I!  Cynthia Nixon (yes that one, Sex in the City Cindy) will be reading to us.  I predict laugh out loud funny.  We all know that there are days that one glass of wine would be nice but the whole bottle would be fantastic.  Yeah, those days when we hug our kiddos and kiss our hubbies then scream behind closed doors.  Well Ian does a wonderful job of getting right to that time for us and shares it with sharp wit.  Bound to be one that will make me wish I was wearing Depends while riding in the car.  I will say this is the Cursing Mommy.....remember that.  You will be hearing lots of cursing.

I want to thank Blogging for Books and MacMillian Audio for sharing with me.  I know that this is a jump in stories from Amish to Cursing, but there are days we all do the same thing.

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