Great Day!

I am a lil Crazed today so thought I would just put it out there without much of a filter.

First off I spoke to the nicest fellow today on the phone.  Jerome you made me giggle and smile.  That alone made my mood so wonderful.  Gosh I wish I could bottle you up for that great attitude and wonderful compliments.  Better than any medication for depression any day.  THANKS!

Next, I saw this and thought oh my this is so so so me!
I love my cup every day.  With cream and sugar or a shot of the good stuff (eyebrow wiggle).  Coffee snob?  Naw I don't think so but I do want a good strong flavor.

I am so excited to know that I am doing a lil something these days.  Getting out of the house more.  Currently house sitting at the lake for friends again.  I am always so lazy here.  Funny just a few miles from home and I can just go to pot.  Spend the days enjoying the sunshine, laying around and actually taking naps even.  At home I would be running all around thinking I need to stay productive all of the time.  Thank goodness for friends who ask me to hang at their home and pet dogs all day.  Whoot!  This is the life.

Do you feel this way too?
Doesn't it feel so good to know when you know your not the only one.  What ever it is.  You are just another that dances alone in the dark, swaying to a tune as your mind melds into your feelings.  That you share the idea of spending a day laying on a warm grassy knoll, lazy napping as the sun warms you.  Or that you too have days where it seems that you are spinning as you go faster, faster and even faster.  Then realize that you do not have to do it all at one time and just stop in one place.  Breath deep and let out a big ol belly laugh at  yourself.

Well, I am having a good day.  A wonderful day.  Why?  Heck, I don't know.  Let's chalk it up to Jerome and his great attitude!

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