Did You Know?

Did you know a mixture of 3/4 cup of oil and 1/4 cup vinegar is a wonderful cure all for that sad beat up wooden furniture? You can use cider vinegar and olive oil...really whatever you have on hand.  Mix together and dip a rag in it and simply wipe.  Your furniture will go from sad beat up ready to go to the curb to the loving heirloom it was meant to be.

Did you know 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup hot water for 10 minutes in the microwave gives you a steam clean!  Just wipe down the inside afterwards.  Totally works. No more scum, no funky smells. Easy Peasy!

Did you know that you can make your own dog flea shampoo.  1 cup liquid dish soap (I used Dawn for sensitive skin) with 1 cup white vinegar into 1 quart warm water.  It is best if you can massage it into the fur and let sit for 5 minutes. My dog did not mind as long as I kept massaging the shampoo around.  Always rinse well.

Did you know you can have that new stiff t-shirt as soft as your favorite vintage shirt?  Just soak the shirt in 1 quart of water and 1/2 a cup of salt for about 3 days.  Then just machine wash it and tumble dry as usual.  Now you will have the best feeling t-shirt.  Bet it would be like wearing your favorite pajamas.

Did you know that you can find our easy as can be what clothes you really wear.  On Jan. 1st, turn all your hangers backwards. As you wear clothes, turn the hanger around. Anything that is still backwards on June 1, donate.  I definitely need to do this.

Did you know that those shakeable Parmesan Lids fit on Canning Jars?  As long as you use a regular mouth sized canning jar (not the wide mouth variety) the flip top Parmesan lids screw on nicely and give you a way to either sprinkle or pour the ingredients out. Works on different sizes as well as the mouth is the same size on most of the jars! 

Did you know you can make your own dryer sheet?  Soak a hand towel in fabric softener. Squeeze out any remaining drops from the towel. Hang it over a chair (or outside on a clothes line) to dry. My house smelled super clean for the three days while this towel was drying completely. Yes, it took three days! You must make sure it dries completely! After the towel dries you just throw it in your dryer along with clothes and use it as a dryer sheet for 40-50 loads before soaking again.

Did you know I have these and more ideas pinned on Pinterest?  Yeah, I am addicted just like everyone else.

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