All Treats Here

We were lucky last night to have an early preview of our Trick or Treaters.  
 Here are Dylan and Autumn.  Remember they were here this last weekend.  Well they make a fine couple as a rootin tootin cowboy and a fairy.  Great brother and sister as well as my Great nephew and niece.
 Autumn wanted you to see her rainbow eyes.  She felt so special getting to have make up on.  Of course those 'blushing' cheeks where shining bright.
 Don't Dylan make one fine gent?  I love his lil 5 o'clock shadow and those expressive brows.
 Of course everyone here knows Princess Emma aka our pretty in pink Cheshire Cat.
I am always amazed at the talent Other Mother has.  Look at the makeup job she did on our kitty.  Beautiful!
Happy Halloween Everyone!

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