National Grandparents Day

Today is National Grandparents Day and as a Nonnie I want to celebrate my Grandbabes.
This is Trentati and Landon, my two oldest grandbabes, on their first day of school this year.  I can not believe that they are old enough for BOTH of them to be going.  I love how they have grown to love Coppie and I.  It is so exciting to see them tearing up our front walk yelling for us when they arrive.  These two are what has made me a happy Nonnie for they named me.  (Well Trentati did!)

Here is our youngest grandbabe, Scotty.  He is now just over a year old and developing into quite the lil fellow.  His personality is coming out more and more.  I have never seen him that he does not have a quick smile on his face.  I can not wait for him to learn how loved he is by everyone.

The Legacy Project at has plenty of free online family activities to help celebrate National Grandparents Day, September 9. The Legacy Project is a big-picture learning project for all ages. The Legacy Project has also partnered with Generations United in Washington, DC for their Do Something Grand! campaign designed to encourage intergenerational social action. You can download a Take Action Guide.  For more information, the free online activities and complete Listen to a Life Contest details, visit

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