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Do you remember I today you that I was reading Victorious Woman! by AnnMarie Kelly?  This is a book that helps you shape your life's challenges into your very own personal victories.  I am so happy to be at the point where I can claim victories over so many of my struggles.  Tribute Books Blog Tours has been happy to share with us.

Well today was one of those times I was happy to really dig in.  I was helping with Granny M.  She has surgery coming up next week so we had to do the pre-register and testing today.   That means waiting for several hours while being tossed to and fro from office to office.

These kind of days really do test your patience.  Some times we have to remember that while waiting is hard it is a great time to get right inside yourself. I was able to really take in the ideas that Annmarie planted in Victorious Woman!  In chapter 9, "Do What You Love" helps me remember that I really do enjoy this blog.  It is a place where I can relax and let my true self come out.  And there are rewards such as doing reviews (I love reading).  When I finally quit worrying will people read what I write and started talking just about what was going on in my life, my blog grew.  In other words when I did what I loved here the love was returned.  Thanks so to everyone here!

Do you claim Victory over your trials and tribulations?  Do you remember that you do triumph, win and grow?  And how do you help your spirit grow within?  If you wonder if there is more (and there is always more) then maybe you can get a lil guidance with Annmarie.

Victorious Woman! Book Summary
Real Women – Real Stories – Real Challenges – Real Victories

What’s a woman to do? If she makes a bad choice or gets thrown one of life's curveballs, is she forever doomed?

Author Annmarie Kelly says "NO!" and proves it with compelling real life stories of women who faced and overcame seemingly overwhelming life challenges. This powerfully moving book overflows with intelligence, understanding, emotion and true grit.

Kelly explains victory as the stretch you make out of your comfort zone and into the greater, fuller expression of who you really are – your authentic self. She demonstrates victory by taking you inside the lives of nine distressed women and showing you how they became victorious. You are likely to recognize something of yourself woven in each of these stories; each one will inspire and encourage you to forge your own victory over whatever is challenging you right now. At the end of each woman’s chapter you’ll find soul-searching questions that you must ask yourself to insure your own victories.

Author Kelly concludes the stories with a "lessons learned" chapter. Gleaning the best from each  Victorious Woman!, from the many other women she interviewed and from her own intriguing life challenges, Kelly describes the FOUR LIFESTYLES that either support you in victory or sabotage you, and the SIX SKILLS every woman has to learn to be in control of her SELF. She also gives you, her readers, the Victorious Woman Model to help you figure out what you need at different stages of challenges. The result is a book that is part inspiration, part motivation and part skill building. Some have called Victorious Woman "a blueprint for life" and "a practical approach to taking control of your life."

Since its first publication, many women say that they keep Victorious Woman! on their book shelf for reference or on their nightstand for comfort at the end of a long day. This "celebration of life" is an encouraging and enlightening read for women who want to create their own personal and professional victories.

Annmarie Kelly's Bio:
Author  Annmarie Kelly  is a professional speaker, workshop leader and victory strategist, who has firsthand knowledge of the transformative power which determination and motivation, the stuff of victory, can have in a person’s life.

Growing up in her Italian-Catholic home, Kelly wasn’t a natural go getter but rather a shy and introverted girl – a “good girl” who felt invisible and insignificant and powerless to deal with family problems including alcoholism, sibling abuse and mental illness.

In her early twenties, a broken engagement and her father’s reaction to it, caused Annmarie to look at her life and where she was going. After a couple “dark” years, she realized she had a purpose but that she was following a path that would only give her more of what she already had: disappointments, regrets and lost opportunities. Annmarie understood that she needed to make a change; she decided to start on a new track.

Through the rest of her twenties and thirties, step-by-step, she changed the way she thought about herself and her future, set major goals, and let go of many of the limitations that were holding her back, from kicking the undesired habits of smoking cigarettes and being a couch potato to getting honest about her own sabotaging behaviors. She also let go of people and environments that became obstacles to her efforts.

While leaving the comfort of the familiar for something better was what she wanted, it wasn’t easy. But in time the effort paid off. The decisions Annmarie made then have enabled her to BE more and DO more than she ever thought she could and HAVE more of the kind of life that, on her old path, would only have been a dream.

Not content to keep that kind of empowerment and success to herself,  Annmarie Kelly has made it her life’s mission to help other women find the same confidence, inner power, and most importantly the “feminine victory” within. Whatever she does, whether she’s speaking, teaching, writing, blogging or coaching, she shows women just how much power they have over their own lives, encourages them to LIVE VICTORIOUSLY - out loud and in living color – and shows them the skills they need to do it! 

Annmarie Kelly owns and manages SkillBuilder Systems, a training and development firm specializing in management development and communication skills. She is also the founder of The Victorious Woman Project which focuses on the information, resources and skill building which help women empower themselves so they can live their best life.

Annmarie is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the Greater Philadelphia chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTDPhl), The Press Club PA and the National Association of Female Executives.

Her services include:
 - Keynotes for Corporate Events and Association Conferences
 - Training Workshops (SmartWoman@Work and New Beginnings)
 - Retreats
 - Seminars, Teleseminars, Webinars
 - Individual coaching
 - Group coaching (Victory Teams)

Annmarie Kelly is available for interviews in the Greater Philadelphia area, New York, Maryland, Delaware and Washington DC, and by phone anywhere.

Paperback Price: $16.95
Publisher: Optimal Living Press
ISBN: 9780974603704
Pages: 279

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