Reminding My Heart's Eye

Today was a hard one for me.  I have felt like I have hit a wall that I have come against time and time again.  It seems that I never overcome this battle.  I am always a little too short, a little too tired and a little too overwhelmed.  And I just do not know how to fix my situation.

Now it is not a fight with my Dear Hubby or medical problems that threaten me.  It is not worry of life or limb.  My family is safe and I am thankful for that.  Instead it is never being able to have what is just needed in life.  Not enough money for the bills.  Not having the ability to fix what is broken.  Coming up against a problem that I have scrambled to correct.  Only for it to come unraveled.

The particulars do not matter at all.  It is that my spirit keeps getting trampled on.  I feel like I do not measure up to my standards or anyone else's. And I see that once again I have lost sight of what is important.

Tonight when I picked up my book on the night stand it hit home.  That when I loose my sight then life always takes a downward spiral.  I need to remember that it is the journey in life that makes it worthwhile not the destination.  And that things are just things, not what we truly hold dear in our heart.  Thanks ever so much to Hollis Hughes for bringing this lesson home to me once again.  Thanks to your tale, to your text where strife and adversity are not overcome but endured.  Thanks to make me once again Mindful of Him.

Mindful of Him is a tale of heartbreak and triumph set in the 1950s. Separated from his young wife, and with both of his parents recently deceased, Rob McLain sets off on an adventure for which he has longed since childhood. Travel with Rob as his journey not only takes him to beautiful places, but also crosses his path with influential men who help him through his loneliness. Five months into the trip, Rob has a moonlight encounter that changes his life forever and overwhelmingly convinces this young skeptic that God is indeed mindful of him! Through it all, he receives answers to life's deepest questions. What does he learn? What happens to his wife? Do they get back together? Does he make it back safely? Find the answers to these questions and others dealing with faith, creation, nature, and more in Mindful of Him, which will keep you reading long after you had planned to turn out the lights. Mindful of Him was inspired by the writings of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, the giant of 20th Century Christian philosophers. 

On a cold February day in 1928, Hollis Hughes was born in a ramshackle house  with no insulation, plumbing, or electricity. Growing up on a farm during the Great Depression, Hollis spent his youth chopping wood, tending the family farm, milking cows, and tending to livestock. Following college graduation, Hollis worked as a high school teacher and counselor for 38 years, and operated a successful rhododendron nursery. When Hollis’ wife developed Alzheimer’s disease in 1988, he spent the next twelve years taking care of her. Today, Hollis is retired from education. He is a fly fisherman, hiker, and gardener. He is a member of the American Camellia Society,  and a lifetime member of the Birmingham Botanical Society. Hollis and his wife, Lera, make their home in Alabama.

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