Out of the Mouths of Babes

Do you remember how you said you was going to remember every silly thing your children said? Yeah, sure! We try. We all try. And sometimes one or two things really stick with us. And they are funny, especially to us. But the majority of the time we forget....quickly. Then rack our brain trying to remember what our lil ones said. Well Leslie McCollom remembered and recorded just what has been said.  She has had plenty of kiddos to choose from as a teacher at New Day School.  So much so that she was able to start sharing with us.  Both in her new book and on her twitter feed.  And it has to be really good because over 150,000 followers are reading these lil quips daily.
by Leslie McCollom
**On-Sale: August 7, 2012**
Preschool teacher Leslie McCollom created the Preschool Gems Twitter feed because precious jewels were slipping through her fingers every day. Jewels like, “My mom asks me to not have a beard,” “I’m feeling poisonous, baby kitty,” and “I don’t care about time outs. I only care about my life.”
Although she swore she’d remember these gems forever, in five minutes they would vanish, never to be heard by human ears again. So she became a covert anthropologist in the underground world of children and started carefully cataloging them. McCollom graced the world of Twitter in 2010 with only 8,000 followers and today she is already close to 158,000!

“When I went to the chainsaw store I saw someone with REAL bubble gum.”
“There's a wolf in my tummy and a porcupine in my bum.”
"I don't care about time outs. I only care about my life."
"Who are me?”
“I love David Bowie. I’m going to marry David Bowie.”

PRESCHOOL GEMS is McCollom’s wonderful collection of the most bizarre, hilarious, and jaw-dropping things overheard at her school, New Day, in Portland . Sure to delight parents, teachers and anyone looking for a laugh.  Thanks ever so to Penquin Group for sharing with me.

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