Just Call Me Iron-Woman

Oh it has been a long week house sitting this time.  The dogs got into a horrid fight.  One of them was pretty torn up.  So it was a trip to the vet (actually a couple of trips) and playing ring around the rosey with the dogs.

You see now we can not have them all in the same area.  So this one goes out, then the other moves to this room and the last gets moved to room #1.  Sorta a holding area here and one there and another there.  They all whine for each other but snarl, growl and jump when together.  I did not need another fight so it is total separation time.

Let's not forget that they are all use to sleeping with someone in the same room.  Ha, try that one with one person and 3 dogs in different areas.  I am tired and ready for my own lil bed now.  I need energy.  I need to get my blood pumping.  Feeling sluggish as ever.  My Doctor says I have anemia and true it is something I have battled forever.  I have had problems with multi-vitamins with iron.  In the past I took beet capsules.  I am going to try out Feosol now.  It is a dual iron formula and is suppose to help minimize side effects.  Oh, burp beets for a day and you will wanna try anything else!  The bottle of Feosol I have has Bifera in it (the lil purple box).  This is what helps with the dual iron formula so I should not have the nausea or constipation so often associated with taking iron.  Also I do not have to pair it up with Vitamin C so it is absorbed into my system.  I love OJ but in the morning my tummy is pretty torn up.

I know I need more sleep but I need to be in better health too.  Gotta get use to taking not only my medications but also my mineral and vitamins.  I understand why a multi-vitamin is easier to do.  But when you also deal with allergies and such then you often have to break them down.  Next I am looking for a good Vitamin D.  What do you suggest?  Yes, I drink milk, eat cheese and yogurt.  But it is low too according to my doctor.  So I need to add that one in.

Thanks so to Danielle for sending me my first bottle of Feosol to try out.  (Just in the nick of time).  If you want to try them out too then let's share.  I have on 30 caplet bottle of Feosol with Bifera HIP and PIC iron to giveaway.  Just enter below and I will be happy to share as they have shared with me.  Pretty cool!
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  1. Probably B vitamins more than anyhting
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