I Need Advice

Today I am asking a question to y'all and really hope you will give me your input.  I need the help to know just what I am doing here.

As you know I do plenty of reviews, mainly books.  Many of the authors and PR reps have told me that they like my down home handling of these posts.  I try and put them up on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter too.  But sometimes life gets in the way of my blog.  Also these reviews are sent to me.  I try to pick and choose which will be a good fit for my life.  I do not do much other than enjoy reading the books and trying out the items then sharing with you how I did with that item.

Recently one of the PR firms that I have been partnered up with for over a year sent me an email.  I felt like I was chastised in not doing the job that was 'expected' of me.  Now do not get me wrong they were polite and offered advice as to how I might post a review.  It came across that I was not professional enough and should be a lil more mass market in the way I post.

My first response was that I am just a happy lil ol blogger that loves to read and share.  Then I felt hurt that maybe I was not living up to some code I should know.  And last I realized I am not a professional anything.  So I thought I would mull it over in my head and decide on how to handle the 'friendly advice'.  But as the days have passed I am still finding that I feel hurt.  I like that I am not a cookie cutter reviewer.  Or am I?  I know I say "I" a lot here.  But it is my blog, my space to voice my thoughts.  Right?

Then I was shocked to have a pitch for another book from the same PR firm within a couple of days.  Maybe I got the wrong impression but I felt I had not done the job the way they wanted so why would they come back to me again?  Are they giving me a chance to get "in line" with the way it "should be"?  Or do they even realize who I am?  And as I am typing this I get a tweet thanking me for one of my reviews from a different company.

So I guess my question is what do  you think of the way I post.  Do you like that I do reviews?  Do you like my down home laid back approach?  Should I do less of them or drop them all together?  Am I not professional enough?  Would it be better if I had a standard format?

Post Title stating this is a review.

My take on item reviewed.

Photo and link to said item.

PR firms pitch info for said item.

Blanket disclosure.

Then after that post my day to day life and how things are in separate post.  I do enjoy doing reviews.  I look forward to them.  And it is amazing to visit with so many lovely people who work so very hard for these PR firms and the individuals that contact me directly about their product.  I really treasure these people and am not bashing them or their job in ANY WAY!  I just want to do a good job while still being myself and entertaining you too.

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  1. It is your place and you can write exactly how you feel and want to write. I like it around here.


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