Healing Becomes Victories

Do you not just love it when things all come together at just the right time.  I find that most of the time when that happens I have been hanging on to a thread.  And I needed help more than I ever realized.  Well that is just the way it has been for me once again.  But now I have three ways to hang on just a lil bit tighter.

Let's start of with The Wisdom of the Healing Wound.  Now this starts off for me as a lesson I am learning with a wound on my foot.  It has been here all summer long.  Painful as can be.  Often I can bearly limp around.  I have been to my doctor about it and am going to a specialist next week to get more help.  But most of all I am learning to LEAVE IT ALONE!  Yes you heard me right.  I am worrying this lil ol wound to death.  Looking at it, peeling back the layers of hurt to see if I can get to the root of it.  And while that may be good at times, we also need to learn that sometimes it is best if we let a wound just heal and let it go.

Some times we have to do just that with a emotional wound too.  That brings me to the second part of my learning.  This was lessons I have learned in my past.  But my Dear Hubby had to also learn some of them to help both of us be stronger for it.  When A Woman You Love Was Abused is a wonderful guide to helping a husband help her overcome childhood sexual molestation.  These are deep deep deep wounds and they will surface when you least expect them too.  Sometimes you have to know just what kind of loving support will help them heal faster.  Having someone to lean on that understands is a major relief.  I could not ask for a more understanding husband.  And I am now at the point that I tend to leave that wound untouched, scarred over and as much as possible in the past.

And that leads me to the third which is how we come out whole and victorious.  Victorious Woman! by AnnMarie Kelly is a book that helps you shape your life's challenges into your very own personal victories.  Now I am going to tell you more about this one in September.  I am just starting it and want to have time to really understand and let it soak in.  I am so happy to be at the point where I can claim victories over so many of my struggles.

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  1. We all need help and guidance through life, these sound like great books.


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