Trusting What is Around Me

Here is a quick note to tell you we are loving our vacation.  Dear Hubby is doing all of the driving.  Granny M is our navigator and I am the back seat driver.

Actually we have been running up and down mountains in West Texas.  It is so beautiful that I have a hard time describing it.  See what you think.

I just love the big skies here with the mountain range cutting across it.

Well I am getting a lot of back seat time.  Even though I have been looking all around I am also doing my regular reading.  I have Jerome Charyn's series of books with me.  But I had just finished The Trust by Norb Vonnegut (cousin of the late Kurt Vonnegut) when we had left.  It has really stuck with me.  It was just released on the 17th of July for sale.  

I am a thriller fan and I am not let down at all.  This is a combination of a thriller and a works into the financial district of life.  We all know that with big money comes great risk, sometimes your own personal risk as Palmer Kincaid found out.  But Grove O'Rourke was called in to help get the business affairs in order.  Before you know it we are pulled into a scandal that mixes up money given to help others yet some how has been traced to a sex superstore that is funded through the Catholic Fund.  WHAT?  Yeah, that is what they are thinking too.  What has happened that created such a horrid mix up.  And who is covering it up? See this is really confusing yet very intriguing.  You will really want to dive in and find out what is really happening.

Oh my, I am missing what is going on around me.  Always happens when I am in a book.  I need to get back to vacation.  You enjoy!  Thanks so to Norb Vonnegut and Newman Communications for sharing with me.  I promise you I am still half way in North Caroline with Grove.

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