Super Duper Movie Day

Well we will have the grandbabes here again.  Of course Princess Emma will be right behind them.  Thankfully we have new neighbors that all the kiddos love playing with.  I am sure it will be a run from place to place kinda time.  We even mowed them a path across the yard of an empty house so they can run without any aggravation.

I am praying the front a/c will be fixed too.  And I can get the house cleaned up much better than it is right now.  If so I want to have all the kiddos over for a movie marathon day.  Yeah 5 kiddos to entertain.  But I think I will have something for everyone.

Princess Emma and our next door neighbor will be sure to sit and watch Twinkle Toes: The Movie.  I mean we already love the Skechers shoes.  (I want my own pair.)  But add in the music, bright lights and dancing to be shared.  The girls will not be able to be still.  I am sure you will catch me singing along to We Got The Beat.  The girls already know Lady Gaga and Katy Perry too.  Princess Emma has already been on stage and proclaimed she does not have 'stage frightning'.  She will be rooting for Grace (Princess Emma's middle name too!) to get over her fears too.

I am pretty sure that Landon and the boy next door will be roaring with the middle of the battle of Transformers Prime.   The DVD of One Shall Stand is a feature length film.  We all remember Optimus Prime but this is all new to the kiddos.  I wish I had some of the toys still.  Guess I will have to look out for some for Landon to play with.  There is so much to learn about the alliances between Autobots and Decepticons.  More so we get to see that it still takes the human touch of Jack to see what is really important.  This will be released by Shout Factory on the 31st of July.

And then we have the all time favorite growing up of The Smurfs and the Magic Flute.  These lil blue creatures (are they gnomes or elves?) had us all talking funny.  The story has McCreep stealing the Magic Flute for his own gain.  But Pappa Smurf has a plan and it will foil McCreep.  I know we have favorites weather it be Pappa or Smurfette.  This is ready for pre-orders but we were lucky to get a copy from Shout Factory.   It will be released the 14th of August.

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