Summer Time

My goodness it sure is Summer here.  High temperatures is just the start of it.  We also have the grandbabes here for another visit.  It sure does raise our spirits.  Dear Hubby will be having a two week break coming up this month.  We plan on enjoying it here at home.  Of course there is also the 4th of July this week too.

So how do we stay cool and have fun?  Well we stay inside during the hot part of the day like most folks do.  Enjoy Popsicles on the front porch and do not worry about the stains in our clothes.  They wash out just fine.  Evenings may find us at the local park where the kiddos can run and play.  There is specials at local restaurants for low cost meals that will not heat up the house and lunches of sandwiches.

Late nights has seen us playing with glow in the dark bubbles, more splatter than blowing bubbles.  (50% bubble mix + 50% glow in the dark stick liquid.)  Side walk chalk is decorating the front walk and we are working still on putting in the hot tub.  That is becoming a dismal un-success.  But overall we are having a good time.


  1. Hey there! Love the glow in the dark bubbles idea! Where do you get the glow stick fluid?

    1. We buy the glow in the dark sticks at the local dollar store. Clip the ends and pour into bubble mixture. Need it close to 50/50 for bubbles to glow. But it is great to sling mix all over and make us glow in the dark. The kids love it. All washes off as it is soap and only noticed in the dark too!


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