More Than Good Enough

In lil country towns you have very few places to eat.  And many of them are chain resturants that do not have much difference from place to place.  The great places are those that are locally owned and operated.  We are blessed with several here in our lil town.  But three of them really stand out.  Starbeaus is a great corner cafe.  Located in a old bank building.  All the food is cooked when ordered so it does take a lil time for your meal to arrive fresh as can be.  The other place in town is Miguels with great meals that are both large and great tasting.  The owner will be by your table to visit every time you dine there.  He has a great sense of humor too!  

But the local jewel of our town is out by Proctor Lake.  It is Country Pickens, which is just perfect of this place.  It is not a pretty building nor is the dining room really large.  But it has wonderful food and amazing prices.  This is a small cafe that is in a Red building.  The front door is to the side not toward the street.  It is also locally know as Vera's due to the owner/cook.  They do not take credit or debit cards.  Cash or local checks only.  But with the amazing prices you can pick up cash down the street at Shade Tree from the ATM.

Small place but good food and great prices.  Get there early at lunch for the beans that come with your meal.  Great tasting and always run out due to high demand.  The do allow SMOKING and is not any area that is non smoking there. Prices range from $1.55 to $7.50 a plate!  Drinks are from .50 to .85 cents.  Free refills on coffee and tea.  Basic breakfast of  eggs, meat, toast, hashbrowns is only $2.85.  The place may not be fancy at all, but the food is good and the prices amazing.  The ladies that wait on you remind you of mom or grandma.  Great service but they will joke with you too!

Country Pickens Cafe
1795 Highway 2861
Comanche Texas 76442
(254) 879-2244
Open: Tuesday - Saturday from 6:a.m. to 2 p.m.

I wrote this post as part of my participation in an exclusive Clever Girls Collective program. All opinions are my own.  I have this review also listed on Yellow for Country Pickens.

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