I Am A Top Model

Do you watch shows like America's Next Top Model and Project Runway?  I am never going to be a thin lil model but I do love watching them.  Especially good to see that no matter what body image you are we are all insecure in our own viewpoints.  Isn't that really just amazing?

Kim Alexis has been a top model for many years.  Now with the help of Mindy Starns Clark (her new partner in crime) Kim is also a published author.  Kim has been the spokesperson for several iconic American beauty brands.  Her desire is to encourage other women to be their best in all areas of life, from health, to beauty, to spirituality. She is based in Florida, married to NHL alum Ron Duguay, and together, they are the proud parents of five children.  Mindy Starns Clark is the bestselling author of over a dozen books, the author of numerous plays and musicals and has written textbooks, articles, short stories, and more than 75 computer software manuals.  A former singer and stand-up comedian, Mindy lives with her husband and two teenage daughters near Valley Forge, PA. She enjoys speaking to churches, civic groups, and libraries across the country. Her unique blend of humor and insight make her an audience favorite.  These two blond bombshells have come together to make a explosive mystery novel. 

Beauty to Die For: A Spa Mystery introduces us to Juliette Taylor, a fictional former supermodel who co-owns a beauty line. But when Juliette's products are the victim of a counterfeit scheme, it sets into motion a sinister chain of events.

When Juliette arrives at the Palm Grotto Spa to host a spiritual retreat for women, she runs into an old modeling colleague, Raven, who had always been disliked in the industry. Demanding and rude, Raven doesn't have a lot of fans at the spa, either.

When Raven makes a cryptic threat to Juliette ­ and is then found dead, hours later ­ suspicion is directed at Juliette. Juliette has a rocky history with Raven, and certainly knows how to use beauty products Š but for murder?! 

Now, Juliette must find the actual killer before the police really take care of her.

In recent years, the cozy mystery genre has seen increasing interest from readers hungry for the classic  whodunit. According to Publishers Weekly, "violence is never absent from these tales‹they are, after all, murder mysteries‹but there's a definite lack of gore and gratuitous carnage."  That is certainly the case in Beauty to Die For, which dazzles with a charming cast of characters, rather than blood and guts. On the Palm Grotto staff is heart-of-gold spa technician Crystal Walsh, the child of a broken home who is starting life over in sunny California.  And when he sees her name on a list from a counterfeit-connected terrorist group, Juliette's long-lost love ­ special agent Marcus Stone ­ secretly absconds to Palm Grotto with his wise-cracking grandmother to protect Juliette from harm.

A crackling story co-authored by one of America's most beloved supermodels, Beauty to Die for is a must-read for mystery fans and spa lovers alike.

I want to thank PR by the Book for sharing with me.  This is what is on today's schedule for my reading pleasure.  I will be moving from the lake house to the ranch in my house sitting schedule.  I know that I will have plenty of quiet time to curl up with my newest book.  Let's just hope the two airdales give me a moment of peace and quiet as they get to know me.

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