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I have so enjoyed my time off but it is real life once again.  House, chores, jobs and more are clamoring for my attention.  I will be house/pet sitting for 5 days once again at the lake.  Attending my grandson's 1st birthday this upcoming weekend.  And having the older grandbabes back for another week visit.  Life is up and running all around me.  

Last time the grandbabes were here I was so excited.  I miss them ever so much. But as the 5th day rolled around it seemed I was wearing out and they were too. Our nerves begin to fray around the edges.  They missed their mom and I missed my silence.  Being a Nonnie is great but I remember I am getting older, FAST.  I think of how can I help them grow, especially giving support to their mother.  She is doing a wonderful job but it is so hard to do.  She is a single working mom and is blessed with lots of loving support from family all around her.  They really do work as a team.  I know that after you have tucked in the kids and your all alone at night you begin to think.  What do I need to do next?  How can I help my babies become the people they are intended to be?  Am I doing it all right?  

Thankfully my daughter is a reader.  It is a blessing to have the ability to read other view points and take what you feel is best to incorporate into your own situation.  Vicki Courtney has two books out, Your Girl and Your Boy.  They are guides in how we can raise our children in Godly ways in an un-Godly world.  It is hard to fight the constant competition of the media, friends, family and even those horrid advertisements that bombard our homes.  Do this, want that, follow us.  I love that the viewpoints in each book is geared toward mothers and the real focus for each sex of child you have.  Raising girls and boys is not the same.  There are different battles they face.  And mothers need all the support they can get.  I am taking these two books with me this next weekend to gift to my daughter.

Would you like to be able to do the same?  Well great, we will share.  I will team up with Vicki Courtney and The Media Collective to give away one copy of each book.  There will be a Rafflecopter at the end of this post for you to enter.  Just push a few buttons and hopefully you too can have a lil help for yourself or a family member soon.

I also wanted to let you know there is an excellent weekend opportunity to get connected with other moms and draw closer to Christ. As the trials and tribulations of motherhood continue to arise, a weekend full of encouragement and celebration is exactly what you need. TheLifeWay dotMom Conference takes place September 21-22 in Birmingham, AL. The event will feature keynote sessions from prominent Bible teachers as well as parenting experts. Vicki Courtney herself will also be in attendance as one of the many qualified speakers. Numerous issues including the challenges of working mothers, adoption, raising godly children, and many more will be featured in the itinerary for the weekend. 

For more information on the dotMom Conference check out the website here:
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  1. The hardest part for me so far is keeping a fine line between strict and lenient.

  2. Raising my son alone has been the hardest part for me.

  3. definitely balance! How much time to spend with the kids playing and homeschooling, time with my husband, and oh yes! time for meee

  4. Knowing what to say when a problem arises. I always second guess myself.
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