Thanks The Crazy Suburban Mom!

How is everyone doing today?  Mine has been a busy but productive day.  Big trash day for me....ick.  But got some of the things out that needed to be done.

My really nice part of the day was a surprise gift from Tracy at The Crazy Suburban Mom.  I love her blog and what a great lady she is.  We both have a love 1950's decor.  Well today I had a gift mailed to me of doggie treats for my hounds.  And lovely needle point chickens on yellow linen and ecru crocheted doily.   I have to say that my 5 pooches dug right in when I spread a handful of the treats out.  Not surprised that they like the Cesar filet mignon treats over the Cesar rotisserie chicken ones.  

Well look at my goodies!  I framed the yellow linen needle point chickens and placed them on top of the ecru crocheted doily on a shelf in my dining room.

Here is a close up.   I need to redo this by ironing them and centering in the frame.  But I wanted to get them up right off to see how they would look.

And a lil more detail here.  I wish I could do such detailed work but would never have the patience.  Thanks Tracy for this great surprise.  It works great with the country feel of my dining room.

Oh all of this is sitting on top of a large cabinet that I keep my canned goods in.  Sorta looks like an old country store this way.  Also I can see at a glance what we do have or need to replenish.

And just so you know that it is not just the dogs and me that get spoiled around here I thought I would show off my very lazy cat.  She took over my stack of books to review.


  1. It's good that people still do this in this day and age.

  2. I'm so glad you got everything and I agree about the teeny tiny needlework, it's SO small! I'm glad you could find a spot for them~ I bought them a while ago intending to do something and it never happened! Guess what I ended up doing is sharing :)


  3. Wow-that needlework looks intense!
    And even more WOW - your canned food cabinet!! LOVE this!!

    Cute kitty. :)


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