S O B !

Today is my favorite holiday. 

I see that Captain Dumbass was able to find a way to get doughnuts.

We even know that there is the Voo DOO Zombie way of having doughnuts.

Some people manage to score really big with a doughnut.

And he is looking to help her OUT with her doughnuts.

And I missed out on it 100%!
S O B !
I can not believe I was stuck all day without a car and NOONE came to my rescue.
I have totally missed out on National Doughnut Day!


  1. OMG!!! Me to!! I am so super upset!!!

  2. No-one told me about Donut Day, it's all bloody Diamond Jubilee over here.

  3. I am so sorry you missed out but you were not alone. The best ones are in Round Rock anyway. OMG!!! they are soooooo good, ciss


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