He Fought the Car

Sunday was not a winner of a day at all. JDL was visiting us at the lake where I am house/pet sitting (again). She had to go into town to go to work so we all said our goodbyes. And soon afterwards I get a call from her telling me that the wheel has fallen off the car!

Yeah! "Hey mom, the wheel fell off the car. I am on the side of the road now." WOW!

Well I dispatched Dear Hubby to go and save her. Actually get her to work. And to find out just why the wheel fell off the car. Day filled with calls back and forth. But finally Dear Hubby showed back up to the lake. And I could tell he had done battle for he had the scars to show for it. I think the car won. What do you think?

He was covered in grease. Once he removed his glasses I could see him a bit better. Was not just a black blob. But when he went to wash up we discovered how burnt he was too. Oh my is he going to hurt now!


  1. poor baby!!! nice shower and a nap will help!!!

  2. You know, there are some people (my father-in-law was one) who could completely tear an engine out of a car, rebuild it and put it back in and be just a clean when he finished and then there are people like our men who really get into their work. I have also told Jr that he must put his hands in the grease and grime and then rub them all over himself. He is always covered from head to toe with the stuff. I have three outfits that I had to let soak in a washer full of Tide w/bleach overnight to get the oil and grime out. We have to keep a bottle of Dawn in the bathroom just for him to clean up with. lol It's crazy how some can stay clean and some really get into it. I guess "real" men get down and dirty while they work.

  3. oh my goodness! looks like he put up a great fight


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