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Well today is going to be great!  While doing my lake side house sitting I have a visitor.  My girlfriend is here.  Now she travels with food and cookbooks for me!  What a dear.

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You see I love to learn how to cook all kinds of foods.  Also she is a vegeterian.  Add in that two of my Hara Krishna friends should be arriving today.  So we are going to work on making two of my favorite items.  Poori bread, Saffron Sweet Rice and Halava.  Yes I know all grain based but they are my favs.  I discovered these dishes when I lived in Dallas.  We would go to Sunday Feast at Kalachandji's.  The food was always delicious, the people warm and inviting and the atmosphere beautiful.  Who would not love to dine and join company in this enviroment.  Here are three of my favorite items on their menu.

Tamarind Tea - Our original fruit drink, made from the tart pulp extracted from the pod of the tamarind tree. Better than lemonade.

Halvah (farina cake) - A fluffy grain dessert made from toasted farina, and combined with nuts or fruit for a countless variety of flavors.

Kheer (rice pudding) - A creamy dessert made from fresh milk and rice, and flavored with cardamom, saffron, rose essence, nuts or fruit

Granny M calls me odd for my different taste.  I giggle and tell her it is because she raised me to be so loving and open minded.  But I have always loved people from all walks of life.  I am naturally interested in the differences in us as well as what makes us the same.  I know that food and music seems to transcend over all barriers.  So it will be wonderful to have a few days filled just like that with some of treasured friends.  Also the joy of introducing one to the other two.  Isn't it always fun to let two different friends get to met and share? 

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