"I am Iron Man!"

It is so much fun to have the Grandbabes here to visit.  

We are not able to go to the movies very often.  Landon saw the ads for Iron Man 2 with his Coppie (Dear Hubby) but we know this is not really right for him at only 4 years old.  But Dear Hubby and I want to see Iron Man 2.  We so enjoyed the first show.  Instead we were able to let him have fun with the Iron Man 2 Walkie Talkie set.  The $18 set has been keeping the Grandbabes happy, talking with one another at a distance while pretending to be Iron Man and War Machine, taking down baddies surrounding them from all sides.  

We went to the park to play yesterday and they had the Iron Man 2 Walkie Talkie set going like mad.  Landon kept running around yelling "I am Iron Man!"  What a great way to play and pretend.  You know it was amazing to just get to be like the kiddos for a day of swings, slides and sand pits!

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