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We have been having a great time with the Grandbabes here.  Yesterday they asked for Green Eggs for breakfast.  Well of course we were happy to do just that.  Along with a lesson on color combinations.  You remember, yellow and blue make green!  And as you can see they dug right in too.  We did not have any ham though.  So we did green eggs and roast beef.  Hey, you make do the best you can right?
We also made a summer time favorite of ours around here.  That is Ginger-Cucumber Lemonade.  Oh now this is a light and refreshing drink on a hot day.  And easy to make as the name says.  Just grate or chop up a finger size portion of peeled ginger.  Slice a large cucumber up real thin.  Place in a gallon jar and add in your favorite lemonade mix or fresh squeezed recipe.  Stir and let sit for a few hours to let the flavors meld.  For an adults-only cocktail, add 2 Tbsp gin to each glass before adding the lemonade.  Well worth the lil extra work to have a glass of this around noon.  

At lunch time I made a fav for Dear Hubby, Granny M and JDL, Reuben Sandwiches.  Now I do not care for them and the Grandbabes were on my side.  So we just had grilled cheese instead.  But I can promise you that the rest of the family dug right in.  The love the grilled goodness of a sandwich that I call a stinky mess.  Here is our version:


  • rye bread
  • mustard
  • pastrami
  • sauerkraut
  • Swiss cheese


Spread 2 slices of rye bread lightly with mustard. Put a layer of sauerkraut over one slice, then top with a slice of pastrami then a slice of Swiss cheese. Top with the second slice, mustard side down. Butter outside of reuben sandwich lightly with soft butter or margarine and toast on a griddle or grill, turning to brown evenly.

Now with all of this home time goodness how do we top off an evening?  Well after dinner and well into dark-thirty, The Other Mother and Princess Emma joined us for some glow in the dark bubbles.  We had read how you can add the filling of a glow stick to you bubbles to make them so we had to try it out.  We had glow for sure but the bubbles did not really have the stand out ability that we had hoped for.  But before you know it we had glow splatter everywhere.  The kiddos learned real fast how to sling the bubble wands around to make glow splatter everywhere.  We had a blast seeing how well we could get the ground and each other looking like men from mars.  May not have been the way we intended but oh my how fun it was.

I do not think that there was much of today that was in keeping with the things my mom did with us growing up.  We were more of a live out loud day.  Of course we all know that "Mother Knows Best?" or do we.  I love when I find out how we have changed and evolved from the old wives tales we grew up with.  You know them.  No swimming for 30 minutes after you eat and you will get zits if you eat chocolate.  Oh gosh I should be covered if so for I adore chocolate.  Sue Castle was tired of hearing these such tales and went out and started tracking down the truth of the old wives tales.  So she penned Mother Knows Best? The Truth About Mom’s Well-Meaning (But Not Always Accurate) Advice.  Which of the following did you ever wonder if they were true?

·         Will a glass of warm milk help you sleep? TRUE—although cold milk works just as well.
·         Is chicken soup really the best cure for the common cold? MAYBE--it could not really hurt.
·         Does turning a light off for a few minutes use more energy than it saves? NO
·         If you pick up a baby every time she cries will she become spoiled? NO--babies need love and reassurance
·         If you cross your eyes, do they get stuck that way?  NO
·         Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs? NO

Of course I am a trivia buff so I will be combing through this lil handbook.  Hopefully I can find a few things to stump Dear Hubby with.  I thank Skyhorse Publishing for sending me this one.  It was a fun lil read and would make a great lil gift for a baby shower.  If I hear tale right, I may need this really soon.  Grandbabe #4 may just be warming up right now!   YIPPPEEE!

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  1. Those green eggs look like mushy peas. This is a Northern England delicacy usually served with a pork pie and mint sauce.


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