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As I said yesterday I moved from the Big House to the Garden House out at the lake in my house/pet sitting duties.  I am happy that I was able to stop off last night over at the Big House.  We popped in for a quick visit and was rewarded with some fresh veggies and pizza.  Pretty nice!  While we were there, their granddaughter Aspen was able to share with me a lil bit.  I told her that I had a new DVD of Radio Rebel in the car and I thought she might want to see it.  Dear Hubby fetched it for me like the gem he is.

Well Aspen was pretty happy as she said that she had seen it before and it was one of her favorites.  So I asked her if she would do a review of it for me.  It is a teen movie and I knew she would have much more fun watching than I would.  But hopefully I can get her to pop over tonight and watch the Glee Project with me.  It has me totally bonkers!  So let me have Aspen share with you about Radio Rebel.

Heyyyy this is Aspen, I finished the movie.  I love how Radio Rebel just speaks her mind and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her!  She knows that she can be her self and not worry about what people think.  Come on you have to LOVE the music!!  And Gavin is he hot or what?  But my favorite part is when they have the Morp, I know it sounds funny bu , it's when people find out who the real radio rebel is.  And it as the person they would have never thought of it being... Debby Ryan!!  Also it had the Happy Ever After ending.  She got her true love!!!!

On June 19th, Image Entertainment released the Disney Channel Original Movie RADIO REBEL on DVD! Based on the book Shrinking Violet by Danielle Joseph, the story follows Tara Adams (Debby Ryan: "Jessie," Sixteen Wishes), an ordinary high school junior with an extraordinary secret—she’s Radio Rebel, the most popular radio DJ in Seattle! Bonus material includes 5 new featurettes including Debby Ryan's hot music video for "We Got the Beat!"

Thanks to Image Entertainment and Click Communications for sharing with us.  Aspen thanks to you for watching and writing up this review for my readers and me.  Your the best!

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