Two Paths Different Destinations

Did I ever tell you that my Grandmother was a Librarian?  Now you see where some of my love of reading has come from.  Well this time of the year makes me yearn for those days once again.  At the end of each school year the school library would take books out of circulation.  Some that needed much repair, others from lack of use and more still to rotate in new stock.  Thus I would end up with a big box in the mail.  It was like Christmas to me.  All the books they did not need anymore that my Grandmother thought I would like was shipped on to me.  There are books that I yearn for to this day that I had found in one of those big boxes.  My all time favorites were Johnny Texas and Johnny Texas on the San Antonio Road by Carol Hoff.  One day I will purchase them for my forever collection.  But at least now you have a lil more idea as to why I am such an avid reader.  And more so why I like to share books with you.

My latest two books this week are The Car Thief by Theodore Weesner and Crazy Dangerous by Andrew Klavan.  It is funny as they are sorta on the same lines yet still two completely different books.  In both books we are dealing with a teen who has taken a wrong turn and does not quite know how to bring about the right change.  But from there we have great differences.

In Crazy Dangerous, Sam is a PK (preacher's kid) that is tired of being ignore by the others in his school.  Most figure he is just another goodie two shoes and he finds acceptance in a gang of car thieves.  Of course no good can come of this.  And it takes a young girl being hurt and threatened to open up Sam's eyes to make the changes he needs too.  That she is the lil sister of the most popular guy in school seems to be the icing on the cake.  Now swinging from the wrong crowd to the town hero, Sam starts thinking things are looking up.  But no life is not that easy.  Warnings of danger start coming up all around.  And Sam has to start pointing the finger at the wrong kids in order to help out others.  You would like this one as an easy read.  Great for young adults for the lesson it has as well as the ease of reading.  I have to say that Thomas Nelson has a winner on their hands for sure.

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Swing over to The Car Thief and you come to see the edgy side of life.  This is a re-release of a book that has made the rounds before.  It reads just as well now too.  Alex is a seasoned car thief at 16 years old.  His home life is none too easy with a divorced dad whose own life is out of control.  Mostly you see that Alex is reaching out for help hoping to get caught.  Well his wishes are soon realized for he is incarcerated and looking at a life that has no happy ending.  Now I never tell how a story ends for reading is the joy of exploring where a story is going.  But this is a book that is looking to come out as an Independent motion picture.  I hope that on film it will convey the deep emotions that is carried within the pages.  Astor + Blue Editions knows they have a winner on their hands too.

The Car Thief was just chosen for Amazon’s Summer Reading Promotion, so the eBook is available on Kindle for only $2.99 (until June 24 only): ( Of course if you use something other than Kindle you can find the book here: (

I love how the same idea can be the start up of a book.  Yet the story lines go in different paths.  It goes to show you that there are not to many original ideas and still a million ways to take each one.  College Girl is learning this lesson as she writes.  Often the story she dreams up has a bit that is like others around.  The talent is the story itself.  Just where it takes you and how do you feel while on the trip.

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