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Tonight is our traditional movie night.  It is one of the ways we get all together as a family.  Granny M loves the popcorn and Dear Hubby and I love the snuggle time.  Since it has become a smaller group lately we are looking at different movies to watch.  College Girl is here but we are not use to her being around yet.  So she is going to have to go with our choice this week.  Next week she can chime in with her two cents worth.

So it is now time to go back into movie history and really enjoy some of those amazing oldies but goodies.  We have 50 movies from Classic Features with the Timeless Family Classics DVD set.  We are voting on which movie we want to see.  But with 50 to choose from it is pretty hard.  Currently we have gotten it down to one of three.  Tell me which you would choose?

My choice is from one of my favorite childhood books, The Borrowers.  It stars Eddie Albert which you may remember from Green Acres.  Yeah that dates me doesn't it!  The novel was written by Mary Norton and is known these days from the film remake with John Goodman.  Kids will best know this story from The Secret World of Arrietty (Disney).  I had the complete book set all in one that was given to me by my Grandmother.  There were many nights sitting in bed with a flash light as I poured through the pages lost in the world underneath the floorboards.

Dear Hubby has chosen A Farewell to Arms with Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes.  This is the first screen adaptation of the Hemingway novel.  Yes we do tend to read quite a lot and it does effect our choice in movies too.  We love seeing the cross over from printed word to screen. Now we loved the version with Rock Hudson from 1957 and this one predates it by over 20 years.  Either way we have a wonderful leading man to watch.  Dear Hubby likes the story line of World War I more so.

Granny M has us going even farther back with a silent film of The Iron Mask that is from the Alexander Dumas story of The Three Musketeers and The Man in the Iron Mask.  You have see the adaptation done Leonardo DiCaprio and College Girl loves that movie.   Here we would see Douglas Fairbanks in his last silent film as D'Artagnan.    This is the 1929 sequel to the one he made in 1921 of The Three Musketeers.  

Well that gives us 3 to choose from and 47 more to pick later on.  I am so happy to have this set up from Mill Creek Entertainment.  Our next choice will be to get the Musicals set.  College Girl is drooling over the picture alone!  

Visit this page and use discount code 50PACK25 to save an additional 25% off our incredibly affordable DVD prices!  I am so I can surprise College Girl with the Musicals set!  Shusssh!  Don't tell her! That will drop the cost to only $14.99.  With shipping and handling as media mail adds only $2.97.  What a deal.  That comes to only .35 cents per movie.  Now you beat a deal like that.   NOTE: 25% discount good through May 31, 2012 only.  

If that is not enough then continue on with my giveaway of an identical copy of the Tiimeless Family Classics.  Just enter below with the Rafflecopter form.  So easy!
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  1. My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz

  2. African Queen with Humphey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn

  3. Fried green tomatoes

  4. We play games and have movie n pizza night

  5. White Christmas - I could watch that movie all year long!

  6. We like to play games outside: basketball, t-ball (grandkids) or any other game we can think of or make up. When our family is outside together, we're sure to have fun.

  7. For family fun we play board games or watch a movie and eat popcorn.

  8. Stephanie (FB: Melissa)6/2/12, 11:20 PM

    Wizard of Oz is my fav. movie of all time!

  9. Stephanie (FB: Melissa)6/2/12, 11:21 PM

    Our favorite family traditions include getting together to watch old family movies and reminisce.


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