Busy as a Bee

Another busy day as usual.  Well I did get off to a very slow start.  Yet have accomplished what I wanted to do before 5 p.m.  So what did I do?

Started off by putting up books I have reviewed on PaperBackBookSwap.com.  Love that site.  As much as I read and am sent books there are still those I want that are not here as of yet.  So I troll PBBS for them.  Also I list the books I have reviewed but are not in my keeper shelf.  (Hint:  Authors all signed books are always kept!)  This is a great way to keep from having too many yet getting what I really want.  Currently I am waiting on another Jerome Charyn book, Citizen Sidel.  It is a continuation of Blue Eyes that I had told you about!  I also packaged up 6 of the books I listed today to mail out.  Did not take 5 minutes from listing them to having notices popping up for request.  What a great mail out I will have tomorrow.

Next I had JDL (aka College Girl) help me rearrange the office.  Dear Hubby has always wanted a piano to tinkle away on.  Lucky us, we were offered one from a friend for FREE!  Yes, you heard me right.  So we needed to make room for it in our home.  I am going to add it to our office/private suite.  Moved around 4 bookcases (unloading and reloading), file cabinet, storage boxes, chairs and wooden cabinets.  But over all we made room and have a space cleared for the piano.  Dear Hubby will be ever so pleased.  Now he just has to have the guys help him pick it up and move it in!

I also did the usual dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping and all that comes with daily house work.  Dogs cared for and lunch served.  Thankfully I have my ever trusty helper, JDL, here for now.  I know it will not be long though.  She has had 3 job offers in the area and is taking up two of them.  So it will be a work-a-day world for her in no time at all.  Actually she just walked in and told me she starts one job tomorrow morning.  Yippee!  I know these are not the jobs she wants but are able to help her start getting those first steps on getting out on her own.

The Lipton Ice Tea logo as used in many markets
The Lipton Ice Tea logo as used in many markets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Oh and with all the work that was done we were very hot and tired.  The best part was that Klout sent me a Perk today too!  I have the new Lipton Tea & Honey instant drink mixes.  You know the lil packs you pour into a water bottle, shake and drink.  The flavor we have is Mango Pineapple.  Yum!  Also only 5 calories so that works well for me.  I love their slogan, Drink Positive.  What a great way to look at your day.  JDL is looking forward to trying out the Blackberry Pomegranate.  Since we also received .50 cent off coupons with our samples then I can get her that flavor quite soon.  Dear Hubby will steal all he can since he drinks water non stop at work with the drink mixes in them.

Also I had this pop up in my mail today.  I knew you would want to look it over and hopefully try them out.  You know that I am a big Disney Movie fan and BRAVE now opening in less than a month (June 22nd) I wanted to share some delicious Scottish recipes in the theme of the film!

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