And The Card Says?

Remember me telling you that I was able to visit with Hallmark the other day.  Yeah, the Hallmark.  You got it...the card people.  They were so kind as to invite me and Other Mother to a day trip for time to chat.  Of course we were thrilled to do a lil road trip. 

I have to say when your lucky enough to meet folks from different companies it is always so nice to find out just how nice they are.  Honestly, I am always nervous that I will not measure up.  But am always so shocked to see just how down to earth everyone really are.  Of course being the Hallmark people, they were great at setting me at ease.  Shared a cup of coffee with me and sat down to talk about what they do.

Make cards?  Well yeah, they do that.  But how?  I was thinking about the big ol printing presses and warehouses to ship them out.  Instead they opened the doors to the creativity that goes into the cards.  And I fell in love.  Showing slides of the prop department for all the photos they do.  It was an OCD dream come true.  Organized with everything you could think of.  I bet they have a kitchen sink even.  Many times the cards are already written but needs that just perfect photo to make it stand out.  Here is where the photographers go to get their props.  Set them up, photograph and return the items to the lady who runs the area.  She puts it all up in order once again.  I want her job!

Then they told us about how they get ideas for the cards.  We played a lil game and I thought we could do so here too.  They called it fish bowl.  What they do is place a photo where all the writers can see it.  Then with a stack of 3 X 5 cards, everyone starts writing down the ideas that come to them.  The cards are thrown in the fish bowl.  Afterwards they read off all the ideas, comments, phrases and such.  When they have an idea as to what responses they had they do it again and again.  This narrows down the ideas to get to the jest of what they want the card to say. 

So I am going to post photos here for you to tell us just what you think the card should say.  Play along.  Put your words in the comments below.  Let's see just how creative we all can be.

Ready?  Start?  Play!

This is a great photo.  Got his cap gun, got his chaps, got the vest and the hat.  Ready to play bang bang shoot 'em up.  What do you think the inside of this card should say?

I think of the LOLZ cats when I see this.  So many things to write about what this fat cat is thinking.

Oh look at the happy couple.....eeeek.  A lil too happy maybe?  Adore the dated look, just know you can give me a great caption for this one.

I am so ready for a home cooked meal but am very unsure as to what this grammy made.  Maybe the boars head could tell us?

And for the best picture we have these two rocking it out.  Wow......what can be said?  I know your able to tell me.

Well thanks for playing along.  Thanks ever so much to Hallmark for sharing with me.  I had fun and was really educated.  Your welcome on my front porch any day!

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