What is a #CoronaRita?

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Tonight we will be off to the big city.  Well not really but a town larger than our own lil burg.  College Girl will be meeting us for the season's last show, A String of Pearls.  Thankfully she is not busy with this show.  So we can sit, visit, enjoy the show and go out together afterwards.  This is a rare occasion during show season.


Now this time we are going to be getting out of the show at a decent hour.  And that makes a big difference.  You see we live in small town Texas.  Late nights you can go to Sonic to eat or the local mom and pop coffee shop.  But tonight we get to live it up and are going to pop into Chili's for dinner.  They have some really great meals and even better drinks.  There is one that I swear taste just like a Charms Sweet n Sour pop.  Like candy for adults.  It is called the Tropical Sunrise Margarita.


But I am a fan of Margaritas on the rocks.  It is already hitting in the 90's here in Texas.  Plenty hot.  Maybe it would be better to have a Corona instead.  If you have not tried this lime beer then you do not know how it is so light and smooth.  I adore it for quenching the thirst on a really hot day.  I think I will look up on Chili's site and see just what I may want to have.  What is your favorite dish?  Tell me down in the comments so I can see if I need to try it too!

CoronaRita sm.jpgWell I just found out that I can have both of my favorite two drinks.  Together!  CoronaRita at Chili's? Have you tried it yet?  If so tell me again in the comments so I will know if I should try it.   I love the lil holder for the Corona.  Wonder how I could get a set of these for at home?   It seems to go with my favorites.  Talking about favorites you know how you can never decide on what you want.  So you enter into the dinner debates.  You know, the you get this and I'll get that and then we will share.  Well Chili's understands and has the $20 for Two dinners.  That is how me and Dear Hubby do.  Of course he is pretty bad about asking what two do I want not thinking of himself.  He says it is due to the fact he will end up eating half of mine anyway so I should be happy.  What a dear!  I really like the Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas.  I bet that Dear Hubby would like the 6 oz classic Sirloin. 


All I am really sure of is that I get to see College Girl, I get to have a date with Dear Hubby and I get to see a show.  You know what....that is the amazing and best part of the whole night.  Time with my family relaxing and enjoying an affordable evening.  Ain't life GRAND!


Oh and most of all remember you must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly.  I will have Dear Hubby for my designated driver.  Not that I will get smashed at all, but even one drink is one too many to drive.CoronaRita at Chili's

CoronaRita at Chili's

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  1. Love the presentation of the drink. Very clever.


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