Wasting Away the Days

Oh my not being at home is really screwing around with me.  My cell phone does not work out here.  I am on someone elses computer.  I do not have my normal routine.  And I am getting lazy too boot!

Petting someone elses dogs while mine miss me.  Cleaning someone elses house while Dear Hubby has to clean mine.  And all because I really do wanna help my friends.  Honestly I am only whining.  Do not give any of this support.  I am glad I am able to help.  I love the house.  I adore the hot tub.  And the dogs are every so friendly.

But I need to get to work.  So folks here it is in a nut shell okay?

I have 4 DVDs that I brought with me to watch.  Two are from older TV shows.  You remember Roseanne right.  I loved to see that Sara Gilbert grew into quite an actress.  Guess it runs in the family a lil bit since her sister is Melissa.  But Sara has a grittiness to her I adore.  And yes Roseanne is abrasive but great to see a lil take on the real parts of life.  That we are not all pretty, thin or loaded with money!  I have to giggle with That 70's Show since that was my teen years.  And I do not remember it being all that cool!  I would be thrilled if it was but dang we had some fun music at least.  Oh and most of our clothes were pretty comfy too.  Both of these DVDs are from Season 4 and have provided me tons of laughs.

The other two I have been watching on this beautiful big screen TV are Beautiful Plant touring France and Italy.  Oh I can not travel but I sure can enjoy this at least.  These are on blue-ray and have great quality.  So breathtaking.  If you was to get to travel this would be a great way to start looking at where you would be going.  If you can not travel then come dream with me.  And the last one is history in a 7 part documentary of Up From Slavery.  Dear Hubby loves learning more of history and this is a subject that College Girl is always interested in learning more about.  I know that this and the touring DVD's are going in her collection in a couple of weeks when she graduates.

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Roseanne, That '70s Show and 3rd Rock

Medal of Honor and Up From Slavery

Beautiful Planet

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  1. I would love to watch Beautiful Planet. I can't afford to travel either so I have to see the world on TV.

  2. deirdra.frazier@yahoo.com

    Roseanne I always used to watch this when i was younger very funny!!!!!!!!


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