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Whew!  It has been a busy week.  I have managed to complete moving 2 full bathrooms.  And am about 96% finished with our bedroom being set up.  Granny M's new room is all empty and I am starting to move her into it today.  I promise you this is much harder this time than it has ever been.  I hurt every where.  Worst so far is my right knee that is swollen to the size of a grapefruit and my back, shoulder all the way to the small of my back just burns non stop.  I am making sure to take my sleep medication just so I will not be aware of the pain at night.  I hope to be finished by Sunday with everything.  

So what else can I do to help take my mind off of the pain.  Well for me it is to read of course.  Yet right now even my fingers are killing me.  Dang rheumatoid arthritis really ties me up.  So trying to hold on to a book is painful.  Thankfully I now have my e-book and it is really helping.  First off it is light weight so there is not much to holding it.  Also I can lay it beside me as it lays flat and read while laying on my side.  I have even used a pillow on my tummy as a prop for it to tilt up hands free.  I so thank Cissi for giving it to me at Christmas!

I also have to thank Kerry Dowing as he has provided me "Time Slice" through Tribute Books to read. The e-book is only $4.95.  Now this is a book that I so enjoy getting lost in.  Time Slice has more emotion than most Sci-Fi books have.  Also it is more to my taste in Sci-Fi as it does not have witches, werewolves, vampires or faeries in it.  To me those are to be listed as fantasy.  Here we enjoy a story based  on several parallel universes that are all here on earth but are accessed only  through the time stream.  I like that the book has a lil Arthur C. Clarke feel to it.  I grew up reading him along with Heinlein, Delany and many authors like him.  And always loved the thought that what they were saying could be reality if we just had the knowledge to follow the theories they put forward.  That is also just how I felt with Time Slice.    I also have always felt that an inventive person who takes the unknown path has often been viewed as a lil over the top or nutso.  You know what I mean.  But they are also the ones who show us our new futures too.  This was another thing I enjoyed in Time Slice.  That Roy was experiencing a new reality that could open doors that had never been there before.  Well you know how I can go on...and on.  So instead let me share the summary with you.  

Roy Washburn is not ready for a life of leisure lil on full fledge retirement. Thankfully he finds a small metal cylinder with odd markings that then takes his life on a new path. Roy finds himself embarking on an exciting new adventure in the Time Stream where he meets The Traveler. It is The Traveler that shows Roy how the cylinder works to visit other civilizations that occupy different, thin Time Slices. When Roy's wife becomes ill and his daughter shows the resentments she has held on to, Roy finds that he can not "travel" at a moment's notice. There are physical and mental risks involved in roaming the Time Stream too.  His family and friends are very supportive but are beginning to think that Roy may have lost it.  With all of this Roy still feels compelled to help The Traveler on his own quest.  Now he just has to get everyone else to see he isn't crazy at all.

Kerry Downing set out to become a meteorologist, but was hooked by the world of computers instead, becoming a systems analyst and programmer.  Time Slice is Kerry’s second science-fiction novel. His self-published, debut work is The Collective.    Catch Kerry on twitter some time too!







  1. Thanks very much for the kind words and for taking the time to read TIME SLICE. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Kerry,

      Thank you for sharing with me. And more so to provide some good science fiction. It has been sorely missed.

  2. Lenore, WOW it sounds like you have been busy! Thanks for taking the time to read Kerry's book. I'm glad it helped take your mind off the pain, and I hope you feel back to normal real soon. I'm glad you enjoyed the emotion in this sci-fi tale :)

    1. Busy can be good...but I do not remember getting old enough to hurt from rearranging rooms?

  3. Changing neither bedrooms or bathrooms can not be much fun at all. It' the whole where am I going to put all this stuff while moving rooms around.

    I am glad to hear that you got an e-book. Which one do you have? I am telling you, I love my Kindle keyboard. It has the little buttons on each side that you push to change the pages and it is just so easy to lay in bed and read and read and read and not have to keep repositioning yourself while turning the pages back and forth in a book. Oh how lazy we can become. lol

    I am not a Sci-Fi reader but that books does sound interesting.

    1. Ha Ha I am so OCD I made floorplans first. So took day to measure all the furniture and the rooms. Then made layouts of what will go where. That saves me much of the headache. NOW if only the physical work was so easy.
      My e-book is a generic oldie....that works great for me!

    2. Hi LoveMy2Dogs...I think you might like Time Slice, even if you're not a sc-fi fan. It's not your typical science fiction. It's as much about the family life of the Washburns and their interactions as it is about the time slice travel.

      If you decide to give it a try, I sure hope you like it!

    3. Kerry, I just may have to. I was just over at Amazon and it's $4.95 for my Kindle and it is rated 4.5 stars. I added it to my wishlist over there. Thanks, Tammy


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