Sneaky Parenting

Guest written by our friend Trent Horton

When I was growing up, there was little on television for kids. Saturday morning cartoons were about it. These days there are actually whole channels on for 24 hours a day directed only to kids. Just because they are aimed at kids doesn’t necessarily mean they are appropriate though. Since we signed up for satellite television I’ve noticed my kids watching more television because it’s available. I get that it’s marketed towards them and so they are interested. At first I just assumed that because shows were on certain networks they were appropriate for them to watch. After sitting down and watching some of these shows with them, I’m thinking not so much. Since I started paying attention to what they watch I’ve also been doing a little research. Telling them they can’t watch certain shows will only make them want to watch those shows even more. Instead I’ve instituted tv watching times. I’ve been careful to plan those around the shows I do and don’t want them to watch. It’s tough being a parent these days and sometimes you just have to be sneaky!

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