Reading While I Work

My goodness I sure do need to get focused today.  So much for me to catch up on.  I am having an extended stay house/dog sitting out at the lake.  A beautiful place that can take my focus away from everything else.  Very easy to sit back, drink coffee, read and pet the dogs.  But I really need to do some of my own work too.  Thankfully they have an amazing speaker system set up in the house.  I can listen to music or the television in any room.  So today I have been listening to a book while I do some of the other things that need tending.  Like laundry and floors and general upkeep. 

I have been listening to "Tempest" at home while I have been reworking my office.  Now I can hopefully have time to finish it here while doing housework.  Love the speaker system so I can move from room to room and never miss a bit of the story line. Perfect!  Julie Cross has written her first novel and I am loving the sci-fi feel of it.  As I have said before I am a lover of sci-fi since I was a lil girl.  My first books were of that genera as I borrowed them from my father.  In "Tempest" there is Jackson who has found he can travel through time.  And better yet for this nineteen year old he finds that he does not have the problems of space-time continuum or such that he has always heard of in his sci-fi books.  Just a lil fun jumping around from time to time.  But when his girlfriend is fatally shot he jumps back a couple of years.  He trys to jump in time to prevent this and finds he can not.  That he is stuck and can not stop what has happened.  Now he has the two years to see what happens as he meets his girlfriend for the 'first' time again.  He needs to stop the 'enemies of time' that come hunting him too.  It is getting pretty exciting all the way around.  I have to say having a book read to me is quite enjoyable.  I have always been a fan of talk radio and this is even better.  For the story is laid out before me to enjoy like a buffet.  I can't wait to find out what else is going to happen. 

Well I must get back at it.  There is chores to do, a house to care for, dogs to walk and a book to listen too.  Thanks so to MacMillan Audio for providing me such entertainment. 


  1. I listen to audio books when I am driving and I used to do that when I went to bed before I got my Kindle. House sitting on the lake, how relaxing could that be? lol

    1. I adore my 'staycations' this way!


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